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    The Ethos

    Section 7 - Ethos

    The section seven community has been founded around 7 principles. We behave and conduct ourselves by these principles throughout the forums and games we play. We endeavor to build a great community, in which members work together to maximise their enjoyment of their hobby by creating an environment in which our seven principles shape the dominant mindset.

    1) Maturity & Respect

    Maturity and mutual respect for your fellow gamers builds the basis for a friendly and positive gaming environment. This has nothing to do with age, instead it is about how we conduct ourselves with a certain attitude. We strive to maintain an environment where we can enjoy our gaming without the negative influence of the less than mature players.

    2) Fairplay & Good Sportsmanship

    We want to create a place where fairplay and good sportsmanship are characteristics of a standard round and are a common sight on the servers and forums. They help to create a positive, friendly and enjoyable environment in which games can be fully enjoyed without repeating lesser play found on other servers.

    3) Welcoming & Friendly

    We are the first to say hello and offer the hand of friendship, we are welcoming & friendly & helpful to new people, both on the forums and in game. We welcome everybody who wants to take part in teamplay, even if they are unskilled, its their attitude that matters most to us. We do, in general, have high standards of teamplay on our servers and strive to educate new people into our ways of teamwork. It is important to understand that we consider ourselves a community and not a clan, we are not an elite group of people who wish to win by all means, instead we are an open community that play by our seven principles at all times.

    4) Fun for all

    We have a positive attitude. We want our forums to have positive conversations. We want our servers to be a place where both teams can fully enjoy a game, for us a bad round is a team not enjoying themselves. It does not matter if we win or loose we want to have a good time, a fair game and a good round. We are not just concerned with our own good time, or our squad/team's good time, we are mindful of everybody having a good time.

    5) Teamwork & Teamplay

    We focus our efforts on teamplay and teamwork. For us, teamplay is a key factor for a successful team and community. We create an environment where teamwork wins through, a server where a side with average skilled players that uses teamwork, will win over a side of highly skilled players that do not use teamwork.

    6) Communications & VoiP

    One of the main differences between our servers and other servers is our widespread usage of voip. Communication promotes teamwork and builds server quality. Players are encouraged to use voip but are not forced to. However, everyone is required to make an effort to communicate with your squad/team in order to promote teamwork and teamplay.

    7) Strategy & Tactics

    Communication as well as teamwork are the foundations for strategy and tactics. We strive to win a round by teamwork with better strategies & tactics. We use them to organise the team as well as the squad, in doing so we try to strengthen teamwork and teamplay. We are a community of creative thinkers that enjoy exploring new tactics and refining our winning methods.

    We welcome everyone that enjoys the way we play.
    Please come and join our community and we hope that you will enjoy your stay with us.

    Ethos - is a Greek word and denotes the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterise a community, a nation or an ideology
    Section7-Leadership reserves the right to adjust this text at any point in time in order to achieve more clarity.
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