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Somewhat of a good bye

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Well everyone, I wanted to at least 'close' this blog with a post as well. So here I am not really sure what to say or what to write, so I'm just waffling for the time being.

I never really expected to 'leave' this place really. Well, I'm not really gone, but will no longer be the leader/owner and will be present ingame even more infrequently. But even on the forums I will be not very active any more. I mean I will still check in every so often and will respond to PMs but I will no longer check them multiple times a day.

It's been over 4 1/2 years of Section7, and in that time I never planned for leaving. I supposed that's a good thing in a way anyways When I first set out to start this place I had two scenarios how this community would go and progress. Either it would fail and after a year or two I'd just close things down and that was that, or it would grow quickly. I wanted to be prepared for a quick and rapid growth, hence why we had this rather complex administration structure in place in the very beginning. But as it turns out n'either of those two scenarios has taken place. We are a somewhat small, but awesomely great bunch of fun players. And to be honest, this third situation that has developed probably is one of the best anyways.

It truly is a precious place we have created here. Even though I still consider it 'my community' or 'my baby' I am now handing it off to Hablos and OneEar. I am sure that those two will continue to move this place forward and build it. I know it is in good hands. I wish you two all the best for the responsibility of the S7 leadership position and good luck for everything else.

For the rest of you, you are the backbone as well as the meat of this community. Without you all it simply wouldn't exist and would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Keep this place alive, keep it fun and welcoming and enjoy the teamplay way of playing.

Until soon, I will for sure drop by! Until then, all the best!


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  1. Leonarrias's Avatar
    I'm sad to see you go...well...not GO GO...but ya know....go!

    Your memory shall live on, I've taken it upon myself to name OneEar, carry on the Big legacy (haha :P)...and possibly call Hablos...Jazblos...or Habzy?

    Either way, good luck to you sir in your future endeavourings, and do make a loud entrance when you do have one of your infrequent pop-ins
  2. Exploding_Silver's Avatar
    we will keep a candle burning for you in the window ..... happy sailing ... see you again
  3. retrokill's Avatar
    I really should check the blogs more often, I've just seen this *sniff* I'm all emotional again.

    This will always be your place bigeye! Without you, we wouldn't be here.