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Planned return to film making

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Squad will soon be here and it is set to be a great talking teamwork game. I just hope its pace and style is something I can get into. I want to get into it.

I have researched the modern day recorders and the ones associated with the hardware GPU are the best linky, for me that means the AMD GVR,which I have tested. IT records fantastically and all voip sounds too, including my voice. THese modern day recorders have a very small hit on FPS, so its not the struggle it used to be in my 2142 hayday.

When I was the big film maker on 2142 and really the only person on youtube consistently making quality content, I always strived to push the creative envelope and do something new and different.

With squad there will be lots of film makers and I dont just want to be another talking squad movie along with many others (silver has an e-g-o)
So I want to do something new to me, that feels creative and different & better than the rest of the youtubers

My idea is a series called Squad Leader Diaries
Imagine a video that's 60% gameplay and 40% commentary on the game, for example, we are moving through a forest and I create 2 fireteams. In the commentary I discuss how I allocate people, how I get them to follow orders, what I have read about tactical movement. So it's a mixture of my thoughts on my tactics and an educational piece.

What I really hope for is a following of good SLs who play the game more than me who suggest ideas that I then try and comment on in the next video, so its like a dialogue with the SLs in my audience.

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  1. Hablos's Avatar
    Have you ever checked VulcanHD gaming on Youtube? He has pretty awesome gameplay and commentary videos on Wargame Red Dragon. He shows the gameplay but also usually gives in-depth analyses on why he (or other players) play as they do. Of course it's on a strategy game but the principle should be sound for tactical fps as well.
  2. Exploding_Silver's Avatar
    watched a bit of a few of his, kinda similar, i am goingto develop my own squad style ... awesomeness
  3. OneEar's Avatar
    I've only just seen this Silver! I have to say I'm looking forward to these videos