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Some things Ive been busy with lately.

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Thought I share some of the stuff Ive been busy during the summer and at work lately.

First picture is a warehouse I build during the summer. Well I was suppose to finish it by fall but somehow it took a bit longer but I got it finished by now.

This one is from the summer too build a shelter for my garbage bins.

Last one is from current work site. Building some duplex and row houses.

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  1. Medic's Avatar
    Don't believe that last one. Where is the snow.
    Looks good Fin. The snow i mean.
  2. FINArsi's Avatar
    Its a couple of months old pic Ill post a new one next week. There might be some snow in that picture its been snowing for 24 hours.
  3. MrMojay's Avatar
    Warehouse? shed more like?

    Nice work though, needs more snow.
  4. FINArsi's Avatar
    Sorry about the wrong choice of words Mo

    Its more like a shed yes. Just a place to keep my firewood and bikes and other outdoor stuff. Didn't have any storage space outside before that.

    It doesn't need more snow I personally hate snow. But the kids seem to love it so I guess Ill have to deal with it too.
  5. FINArsi's Avatar
    Here is a pic of my Sauna stove that i bought a year ago.
    Previous one was something like this
    It had only 20kg of stones and my new one has 300kg.
    The new one is some much better. Its got so much better heat and much more moisture. Thatīs because it has so much stones which gives more steam when you throw water on it.
    Also the temperature is better. With the old one the temperature was around 70-80 Celsius and now the best temp is between 45-50 Celsius.
    It wasn't cheap but I'm very happy with it. And as it heats with wood its free to warm and it warms other rooms too so it pays back in electricity bills. The old one was electrical.
    Updated 08.01.2015 at 20:13 by FINArsi
  6. FINArsi's Avatar
    And this is what I've been doing this week.
    Cutting down trees. About 50m3 of birch. Still need to drive it from the forest cut it and chop. Then we can sell it.
    I really like doing this as it is good exercise and you get to spend time outside. Well next week Ill have to go back to my real work to make some money.