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It's been a while - but there is more!

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Well I first thought that I post a blog just for the heck of it simply because I haven't done one in ages. But there is more to it

I am back in B'ham where I just started my final year at university. I'll be graduating this summer! Now there is a scary thought. What does that mean - well first of all it means that my time will again be limited for gaming; as if this was a change to the status quo ... I actually started to feel quite guilty about that. Last year wasn't exactly filled with hours and hours of gaming with you lot - not good and I do not really like it that way But as it is now there isn't really anything I can do about it - which makes it even worst

During summer I was not only busy driving my motorcycle up and down mountains I was also teaching again. Which I something I truly enjoy! That plus the fact that I was in Austria and had to spend at least some time in the sun with friends, limited my time there again for gaming - not to mention a fairly slow PC. So much for my excuses why I haven't been playing much.

What else does my oh-my-god-so-soon-graduation mean? Well that it is decision time for me. I plan on going for a MA in education before returning to Austria and becoming a teacher. But where? What uni? Do I want to move or stick around 'beautiful' B'ham? Going to Oslo or Stockholm has crossed my mind too - I mean their education system is famed for being good so I might as well have a look myself

So as you can see my year will be filled with decision, a lot of reading and writing for my dissertation and essays and than there hopefully will be some time that I can play something. But - as usual - I will always long on here multiple times a day; at least some things never change

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  1. FINArsi's Avatar
    Good luck with your last year in the university.

    Dont forget Finlands universities. There has been news allover the world that we have the best education

    I know the feeling not having time for gaming but you just have to make some time.
  2. retrokill's Avatar
    Apart from the slow pc, those look like good reasons for not gaming

    Best of luck in your decisions!
  3. Hablos's Avatar
    I could also just quote your blog post as mine! Switch motorcycling to general outdooring, teaching to working as a museum assistant and summer to winter and there you go. I'm getting my MA out on December due to lack of dates when one can leave their thesis for official assesment..

    I've been playing with the idea of applying for a postgraduate program somewhere or getting another master from a different field of study... In case I can't find a proper occupation... which is hard everywhere at the moment I quess.

    Anyhow, Good luck with the dissertation!
  4. Gorhaut's Avatar
    Stay the F*** away from Stockholm. Seriously! And I am talking about getting about your MA in education, nothing else. It's really, really horribly me, I do have some insight into the matter...I wish I didn't, but I do. Can expand if needed.

    Other than that I think it would be awesome if you come to Stockholm ofc . Just don't get your degree in education there...