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Solution to Planetside 2 low FPS

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My solution is to upgrade to a Intel i5 3750K CPU !
Thats a powerful piece of kit !

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  1. MrMojay's Avatar
    You can do it.....all night long!
    Updated 06.10.2012 at 00:57 by MrMojay (drunk)
  2. big-eye101's Avatar
    Isn't that the second time you upgrade your CPU? What kinda motherboard have you got!?!? Must have been a fortune way back when it can handle three chip-sets

    btw, when you google for "solution to planetside 2 low fps" your blog is now on the first page LoL!
  3. Exploding_Silver's Avatar
    I am getting new MB and CPU for 230. I will sell my old MB and 9550 expecting to get 100-120. Recycling RAM. All in all its an affordable upgrade to me and I expect it to last because PS2 is the only game I want to play now and for the foreseeable future, there is no other teamwork games to upgrade for. I dont expect BF4 to be a teamwork game, do you ? So this year new MB & CPU, next year new next gen console, assuming they are released
  4. MrMojay's Avatar
    So you got your new kit and have not updated your blog..tisk...tisk.

    I recently just bought 12GB 1600mhz G-skill ripjaw ram (previous was OCZ platinum @ 1333mhz) so I could overclock my CPU even further, which is now running at 4GHZ and is stable, temps are great thanks to the water cooler I bought a few months ago (corsair H100=90 euro) it was a cheap upgrade (65 euros for the ram), now I just need a new hard drive setup, but man it is not cheap, then I will be looking at a new GPU, which is not cheap either.

    Might even get faster ram in a year or so and get the CPU up to 5GHZ.