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Battlelog VOIP as a business decision

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VOIP — Voice Over IP — a way of voice communicating on PC, is one of the many requested features for Battlefield 3. However, according to DICE’s Daniel Matros, there are currently no plans of implementing the feature right now. When asked about VOIP on Twitter, Matros replied, “Won’t be implemented as is right now”.

We still find it surprising that DICE omitted VOIP communication for the PC version of Battlefield 3. It might have been the result of developing the game for consoles first. Battlefield 2, released in 2005, had VOIP support from the start. It’s especially odd, considering the effort DICE put in to market Battlefield 3 as a true multiplayer experience where teamwork was key — but without many features that promote teamwork or communication between players.
when it comes to voip the gaming market is like this;
> 85% dont talk or want to hear others talking
> 10% want to talk to mates they already know
> 4% are annoying idiots who want to pollute the airwaves with their talk
> 1% are talking teamplayers who want to talk to everyone

So having a voip solution where you can only talk to people you already know satisfies 95% of the market
Battlelog gives a tool to the people who only want to talk to people they already know and once they have paid for its development once it can be applied to multiple games, so its cheaper outside the game(s)
Then DICE don't care about the idiots with big mouths and are sorry about the lack of tools to teamplayers (but they will never admit it)
So the web based voip solution is a good business solution, if I am thinking with my business head on and not my gaming head

I dont expect any squad based voip games from DICE ever again
I am pinning my hopes on a big server of talking teamplayers on Planetside 2
Apart from that its retro games like 2142 or small 4 player coop like left 4 dead

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  1. big-eye101's Avatar
    I am pretty sure that you are right about this ...
  2. retrokill's Avatar
    Sad but true!
  3. MrMojay's Avatar
    Well if games are heading towards leaving out Voip and teamwork features then I guess my gaming days are over.