• S7 Community Offically Launched!

    We have launched!

    Everyone at S7 has pitched in and have been working long and hard slowly making the community ready for launch. Further more it's been built to make sure it will be around forever just about. The S7 Ethos, the forum, TS server, admin system for future game servers, SM system and long term guidelines are all ready. And much much more as well.

    Offcourse there will be changes in the future, but the S7 community now has everything in place to get down to gaming business.

    The S7 Ethos is our bread and butter and will guide us always: http://www.sectionseven.net/showthre...?114-The-Ethos
    What is required of you for joining S7: http://www.sectionseven.net/showthre...ing-the-S7-tag
    And also the FAQ that will answer just about any question you might have. http://www.sectionseven.net/faq.php

    I like to take this opportunity to say "thank you". You all have been a big help to me and I could not have done it without you. You supported me and helped me to bring this place to live. It can't begin to describe how much this means to me. So - thank you! If you have trouble or concerns about something, my PM-box is allways open. Looking forward to some outstanding, awesome, elegant and great gaming years with all of you!

    Enough! Let's bring out the balloons and party hats, S7 is finally launched! So let's celebrate and look forward as we build a great gaming future together!
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