View Full Version : Frighten your PC this Halloween

28.10.2011, 12:59
Warning! Not suitable for desktop PC's of a sensitive disposition!

The Dust attacks! (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/11/26/ventblockers_2/) 11 pages of fan clogging horror!

28.10.2011, 13:14
I'm long overdue for a pc-clean myself ... but after seeing this ... I'll get right to it! :D

28.10.2011, 14:24
Ha, ha ... yeah ... reminds me of the good old days, when I was working in the customerservice for a PC-company.
Heavy smokers housholds were worst ... poor PCs dying from nicotine poisoning. :D

28.10.2011, 16:04
I always have the window open when I smoke at my PC. I never used to do it but this living arrangement is incredibly cramped heh...Set fans to low, windows to open and blow smoke away with vigour.

28.10.2011, 16:37
Nooooooo my pc do not look at that poor dell pc.

That is some serious dust build up.

28.10.2011, 18:39
Haha - did my clean up now and knocked 10 degrees off my system-temperature. Was well worth it then :D

28.10.2011, 20:34
I might clean up tomorrow after we have moved and before setting my gaming corner again.

29.10.2011, 10:00
That Dell on page 2 looks like the Dimension 5150 that I started out on and that Deano is now using.