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13.08.2011, 09:52
Saw this (http://store.steampowered.com/app/17710) on Steam. For some reason it reminds me of BF2142. Maybe because its based on the future. But it also has commanders, squad of 6. Couldnt find confirmation on Voip. And the prize is only half of RO2 for example. Not going to buy it now but will keep my eye on this one and if someone will buy this or gets some info please share it.

13.08.2011, 11:00
Been looking at this for a while too. Can't say if i like it or not. Might be a bit to much straight forward.

13.08.2011, 11:56
From my reading important confirmed features are:
1. Something like conquest mode – you're capturing resource points. This way you collect resources that are managed by the commander. There has to be commander in this mode (don't know how this is enforced).
2. Max 16 players per side.
3. Commander in RTS style.
4. L4D engine.
5. 4 classes.
6. Unlocks.

Also couldn't find VoIP confirmation. Is there in-game VoIP in L4D or other multiplayer Source games?

All in all – looks interesting. I have faith in new developers for PC – they are more likely to make a game for a specific audience like us rather than for "everyone".

13.08.2011, 12:00
looks interesting indeed

Also couldn't find VoIP confirmation. Is there in-game VoIP in L4D or other multiplayer Source games?

the source engine / hl2 engine does have working stable voip

might even be SDK-compatable ...

SDK: Nuclear Dawn Software Development Kit will be available for the community to be able to create custom maps, etc.

it is indeed :B

13.08.2011, 12:31
interesting and out next month

13.08.2011, 12:32
That looks quite promising and has a beta this month for pre orderers

13.08.2011, 12:45
a few good questions on the devs forum

create a forum account, join in the discussion

13.08.2011, 12:53
Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_Dawn) Page. :icon_mrgreen:

13.08.2011, 16:53
Nuclear Dawn interview (http://www.pu.nl/pu-tv/nuclear-dawn).

Sorry for the dutch guy, but this shows some more ingame play. Will try to get the best parts and translate them later.

For now i know it will be in retail stores to for 20 euro.

Commander can put in spawnpoints, upgrade weapons from soldiers and turrets and do research.

Nice work from another dutch company. ;)

13.08.2011, 17:21
Pre-order bonus (http://www.nucleardawnthegame.com/blog/post/167/launch-trailer-and-first-pre-order-bonus-announced).

13.08.2011, 17:56
"PC exclusive" ey? :D

I like how studies promote theire games now with making theire game "PC-exclusive". Nice to see that this platform now get some more attention again :)

Also at 2:15 - hammer editor! Mapping ftw lol

13.08.2011, 19:06
I read somewhere they are bringing it to xbox latter

13.08.2011, 19:42
It was indeed mentioned for the xbox 360, but they might have cancelled that. Just like EA did with 2142, but they never really mentioned it. Here (http://games.teamxbox.com/xbox-360/1430/battlefield-2142/) is a link to the webpage for Xbox.

Speaking off 2142. Take a look at this (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2054683) thread from ND.

13.08.2011, 19:59
Speaking off 2142. Take a look at this (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2054683) thread from ND.

Yeah, ridiculous thread and especially funny dev response in post #4. The only thing that really strongly reminded me of BF2142 in Nuclear Dawn is the moment in the trailer when we see soldiers moving in winter scenery. Other data clearly indicate this is rather original game.

13.08.2011, 20:17
Yeah, ridiculous thread and especially funny dev response in post #4. The only thing that really strongly reminded me of BF2142 in Nuclear Dawn is the moment in the trailer when we see soldiers moving in winter scenery. Other data clearly indicate this is rather original game.

yeah agree with your point there. Seems to be rather original - I like! :D

13.08.2011, 21:45
The only problem I see, is how late this is launching, will people be playing this over RO2, or even BF3? I was very interested in this game, but had hoped it would of released awhile ago. It's a shame really, it is a great price on Steam though.

14.08.2011, 21:54
Something I found on the Steam forums. So there is at least some kind of communication between players and commander.

From DEV:
"Players will be able to form up into squads from their class selection menu. These squads will be automatically mapped to the Commander's Control Groups system.

So, players in squads 1 through 4 will be automatically mapped to 4 control groups. All players that don't join a squad will be automatically dumped in the fifth, unassigned control group.

In short, without confusing details: no, players can assign themselves, or later be assigned, to a number of squads. Though everyone is allowed to talk to the commander. "

From a user:
"Nuclear Dawn is a Source engine multiplayer game, all of which have VoIP features. As well as text chat. As well as Spectators. Use your common sense!"

Hope that everyone cant talk to commander thats just gonna be spam. But fingers crossed that it has a working voip.

14.08.2011, 23:09
Looks like a new inf-only 2142 to me, with more commander features :D

I hope enough people play it!

14.08.2011, 23:42
Translated a bit:

4 Classes:
* Stealth - can go invisible
* Assault - has thermal vision to see stealth
* Exo - Heavy Gunner
* Support - Medic/Engineer

Goal is to destroy enemy base.

Commander has top-down view like StarCraft.
He can build Powerplants - Turrets - Spawnpoints.
He has to devide his powersupply.
He can upgrade weapons from his teammembers.
He can research:
* New turrets (rocket for example).
* Upgrades for buildings.
* Load-Out teammembers/beter weapons.

Another interview:


(http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/08/14/interwave-studios-explain-nuclear-dawn/)Extra info for medic. :D

Medics are armed with a rapid-fire machine pistol, which packs quite a punch at close range, and will take down all but Exos as easily as any other automatic weapon in the game.

Add poison grenades to the mix, and you have a class that's essential to any thinking team, but that can fend for itself.

15.08.2011, 00:19
I'm really REALLY intrigued now. Hopefully I'll be able to find the money to buy it if the thing takes off and gets popular :D

15.08.2011, 00:38
MEdic and Silver have pre-ordered and will be checking it out in the beta end aug / start sept

15.08.2011, 11:23
Little something I noticed while watching the trailers ;)


bottom left corner - that icon looks familiar? :D

15.08.2011, 11:44
bottom left corner - that icon looks familiar? :D

This is to mute sound on Steam :icon_lol:

15.08.2011, 19:21
Few questions and answers: Forum link (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2059119).

1. Could you elaborate on the cloaking ability of the stealth? Is it time/motion based, or are stealths able to cloak indefinitely?
Stealth automatically decloak on attack (any attack type), and have an ability metre that constantly recharges when not in use. When it runs out, they decloak.
2. With regards to weapon unlocks, are those linked to achievements or to ranking up in-game?
3. Will there be "perks" similar to the CoD series? For example, are there some sort of abilities I can choose for my class, eg. Larger ammo capacity, steadier aim, increased health, etc.
Yes, we call them 'gizmos'
4. I noticed with the pre-order medal (which I love btw) that it said that it would not be tradable. Does this mean that there is a trading system similar to Team Fortress 2, where players can trade weps with each other? (And for the love of God, NO HATS pls. Though something to differentiate b/t Mac and PC users would be nice.)
No extended system at the moment, but should we ever dip into those waters, the Veteran Medal will remain something special that can't be traded.
5. When you choose a faction, whether it be the Consortium or the Empire- will you ALWAYS be in that faction in-game? Or are you forced to switch between the two Factions?
You won't be forced by the game, other than the action of any Team Balancing options/plugins. Generally, you can even change faction mid-game, if you're that kind of spineless coward.
6. How much character customization will there be with regards to appearance? Will I be able to, lets say, paint my armor, or switch out a helmet or something of that nature? Choose the gender of the character?
Nothing like that at the moment.
7. How big are the maps? How long are the matches- are we talking 20 min matches, or several hours of gameplay at a time?
That's a tough one. Maps are big. Think old-school big, and then some. Game duration, funnily enough does not seem to depend on the map so much. At the moment it's hard to give you an exact statistic, but games go from 20 minutes (a really, really lazy team against a really, really good one) to well over an hour (two really good commanders, good players). Stalemates have been pretty much balanced out by now.

If anyone has questions about vehicles in this game or other DLC.

Wheels on Ice

Fri, 02/11/2011 - 12:32 — Igor (http://www.nucleardawnthegame.com/user/4)

As the pre-order and closed beta phases loom ever larger on the horizon, we have been testing Nuclear Dawn with both Valve and our own external QA team, to drag the game through the last stages of Alpha as fast as possible.

While playtest results are extremely encouraging, after consulting with experts and Valve themselves, we have decided to leave vehicles out of the initial release of Nuclear Dawn.

There are many reasons, but they all boil down to ‘not enough time before release’. The game is in feature lockdown mode, and there simply is not enough time to tweak the physics and net code to the degree that we require to fully realize our vision of vehicular combat.

All vehicles are currently implemented, with models and animations, as perfectly adequate, average machines. Average however doesn’t cut it, and until we’re able to fully invest the time that vehicles require to be an awesome combat experience, we prefer to leave them out of the initial packaging, and instead focus on getting everything else up to the standards that we set for ourselves.

The rest of Nuclear Dawn will not only remain untouched, but will also be better for this decision, allowing us more time to focus on the core gameplay, class-based tactical combat and RTS commander roles that truly lie at the heart of the game. Not having to focus on vehicles at this moment will make Nuclear Dawn a more powerful product, as we hunker down to forge an unforgettable combat experience.

Originally Posted by Silverfell http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/v4_images/buttons/viewpost.gif
We had to remove several advanced gameplay mechanics from our 'to-do' list, because deadlines had to be met, landlords paid, starving families fed.

Those features (most notable advanced game modes, and AI, along with at least 2 extra maps we had originally planned) will be released as free to download DLCs after release. Not a week after release. Not a day.

Vehicles require the largest chunk of surgery to the engine and physics system, and so will only be released if the game is doing well enough to justify the investment in time and resources.

Our DLCs will remain free for... as long as we can make them so. We always hated the fragmented communities that are born out of games with paid DLCs that not everyone bothers to get. And we're going to release those two DLCs come hell or high water (we'll make them from the streets, covered in newspapers, leeching internet and electricity from seedy cafes, if we have to). Vehicles are conditional on the game receiving a level of user support that makes that kind of long-term commitment possible.

15.08.2011, 20:44
"Old-school" big maps, vehicles removed, 16 players per side (including commander) – aren't the maps going to be relatively "underpopulated" and in this situation?

16.08.2011, 12:39
Just preordered!

@inrobert more time and space for strategies and flanking. Hopefully the game gets enough players that they will bring the vehicles into it and the other things too that wont make it to the first release.

16.08.2011, 13:16
Info on commander, kits, maps and "Plutonium Edition" (UK-only): http://www.nothingbutpcgaming.com/news/news/nuclear-dawn-reveals-special-edition (http://www.nothingbutpcgaming.com/news/news/nuclear-dawn-reveals-special-edition)

16.08.2011, 15:24
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/nucleardawn
(http://www.facebook.com/nucleardawn)Twitter page: http://twitter.com/#!/nucleardawn

16.08.2011, 22:25
looks like next week for the beta client and even beta server files

21.08.2011, 23:35
There are answers to Silver's questions about communication and teamwork: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2070719 (questions 19-24). Unfortunately currently there's no squad leader, no squad VoIP, only commander can talk to the team.

21.08.2011, 23:59
ok not squads like battlefield but it has its own model of command, still worth checking out for S7, and anyhow i have already paid for it lol ;)

22.08.2011, 01:52
A commander that can talk but not be informed by the players?

Sounds like this could be a disaster

22.08.2011, 07:47
Will be interesting to see how it turn out. Keep us posted Silver and Medic.

22.08.2011, 09:17
It was me who posted it there. Will try to get in contact with the guy who designed the squads. This might take a couple of days.

22.08.2011, 14:38
ok not squads like battlefield but it has its own model of command, still worth checking out for S7

Yeah, if there is commander who commands only 15 soldiers on his side there is no big need for SL to give orders. So I'm fine with no SL in this situation, however I hope they'll implement squad VoIP so people in squad can communicate to each other what they see.

A commander that can talk but not be informed by the players?

Sounds like this could be a disaster

This is my concern also. You can't say to commander that for example you're unable to do sth, etc. On the other hand if 15 people could speak to commander, this would be disaster for him. So we go back to the need of SL who can only speak to commander. Oh, Battlefield, come back...:)

It was me who posted it there. Will try to get in contact with the guy who designed the squads. This might take a couple of days.

That's good. Are you going to ask them which developer was responsible for designing squads?

22.08.2011, 15:44
That's good. Are you going to ask them which developer was responsible for designing squads?

Here (http://www.interwavestudios.com/blog/5) you can find some blogs that will answer your question and give you a nice insight of the game. :)

24.08.2011, 18:27
beta is out tommorrow

24.08.2011, 18:44
Played it yet ? ;)

24.08.2011, 21:01
Going to the movies tomorrow with the misses, so won't be able to see it untill friday.

24.08.2011, 21:53
Cool Ill be checking it out tomorrow then.

25.08.2011, 21:53
beta is up, restart steam and goto normal game library and its there, right click and install

25.08.2011, 22:11
downloading now

26.08.2011, 09:12
So how is it lads?

26.08.2011, 20:35
I've only played for an hour now, but it has potentials. Needs some tweaking and a squad voip, but overall it's refreshing. Also a lot of ways to get somewhere.

26.08.2011, 23:13
Having played it a couple of hours I have mixed feelings. Like Medic I see potential in this game. It needs Voip like any game nowdays imo. There where some talking commanders but you couldnt talk back you would have had to write it. I did hear someone else talking too a couple of times. I dont know who that was and how was he able to talk. I tried the talk button but nobody answered. So could there be a voip but its not working at the moment?

This game will easily turn to the team that has a good commander who knows what to do. I didnt try commanding yet only took a look at an empty server and it looked simple enough to learn it. It looked like any other strategy game.

The shooting part of this game was fun and worked pretty well. I liked that there were so different kits. Every kit would come in handy at some point. And with commander researching you get unlocks. Sometimes it feeled that I was sliding after I tried to stop.

It needs some finishing touches but it could be a good game if you get voip. And even without voip it could be nice to play cause there are only 16 players on one side if we have 8 and get on the same side using TS we could dominate the game. And Id love to see the vehicles rolling the streets. So for the final release in want voip and vehicles. For this prize it seems its worth it but need to wait for the final.

27.08.2011, 00:01
For the beta testers: tracker (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/tracker/) for bugs and suggestions.

27.08.2011, 14:36
If you want to see some games, search for nuclear dawn beta on youtube.

08.09.2011, 09:48
Beta 2 is ups. They added silo to the maplist.
The beta 2 update has just been submitted to steam. It should start to go live within a few hours. This is a client update, as well as a dedicated server update for all platforms. Changes NOTE: mp_maxrounds has been limited to 1 to force the map to change when the round is over. This is a temporary change to overcome some of the problems with round reset (old structures appear ‘ghosty’ after a round reset). These issues will be fixed in the next update and the CVar limitation will be removed.General Issues

Fixed crash related to squad panel
Fixed being stuck in “Preparing to spawn??? loop
Fixed crash related to stats
Fixed several cvars being hidden in the beta version
Fixed common crash when spawning and rarely when alive.
Fixed missing translation for commander ability descriptions
Fixed lasers remaining connected through the unpack animation of various structures
Fixed server crash related to mutiny votes
Optimized power system source selection code to connect to the closest, most suitable power source, rather than the farthest one
Fixed mouse buttons not working as the voice chat button in commander mode
Fixed rocket explosion impact material showing incorrectly for anyone using low page pooled memory in video options.
Fixed Bunker interiors being LOD’d out on low spec machines (with r_lod set to 1)
Removed any remaining obstructions from assassinating commanders in their chairs.
Fixed several instances of getting stuck in the Empire Command Bunker.
X-01 and M-95 now each have a unique model when the stabilizer gizmo is applied.
SP-5/MP500/PP-22/MP-7 now have a red-dot attachment with the stabilizer gizmo.
Added several new character-specific voices for radio chatter.
Fixed several radio chat messages displaying non-localized text.
Reduced the amount of sprite “tearing??? caused by the X-01 electrical particle effect.
Further optimised explosion and smoke particle effects.
Improved bullet collision accuracy on structures (larger ones in particular).
Reduced number of players needed to start a mutiny from 4 to 3.
Fixed radar reveal circles sometimes showing in FPS view
Fixed problem where the enemy commander was revealed to the commander
Fixed enemy radar scan showing up for enemy
Fixed crash related to decals on damaged structures
Fixed changing class in the armoury keeping the previous class' max health value.
User Interface

Added a surrender button that commander can click to initiate a team surrender vote. If the vote gets more than 51% ( CVar: nd_commander_surrender_vote_threshold ) for the team, the surrendering team will forfeit the round and the other team will win. This option will only be available to the commander once any of the original map structures has been destroyed.
Added structure specific HUD icon to the supply station
Fixed problem where the RTS control group buttons interfered with movement and hot keys
Votes and commander elections can now be seen and accepted when dead.
Added hologram laser for empire commander to help visualize the line of sight constraint.
Fixed spawn locations showing for the wrong team after switching teams.
Fixed spawn locations not removing from the map when a transport gate is EMP’d.
Added other HUD order icons.
Enemy structure health is now revealed when you damage it

Commander abilities now cost per use in addition to the cost for the research to unlock them.
Tweaked Supply Station priorities, so that grenades and sidearms are no longer re-stocked first
Added delay when resupplying EMP grenades from the supply station
Fixed commander abilities being locked and unusable if you didn’t have more than R6000
Fixed heal ability reducing health down to 100 for classes with health that starts above 100.
Fixed enemy structures not always being revealed to the commander.
Fixed enemy players always being revealed to the commander.
Radar stations reveal stuff.
Need to heal 150 points of health (up from 50) to get the heal experience
Need to repair structures for 3.5 seconds (down from 5.0 seconds) to get the repair experience
Need to do 1000 damage to structures (up from 500) to get the damage experience

Re-balanced Siege Weapons damage to compensate for X01 splash damage
Re-balanced Siege Weapon Homewrecker gizmos to go with the new damage values
Shotgun: increased effective range
Shotgun: reduced overall cone of fire
Repair tool: increased damage against structures
Repair tool: increased repair rate
Commander repair: increased repair rate on all structures
Assembler: increased overall HP
Commander Abilities: hinder had its radius reduced from 750 to 400, to focus on its original design function
Slightly decreased X01 beam width
Slightly reduced COF on machine pistols


Made two more roofs accessible in the train-yard to balance it with the amount of open CT roofs.
Relocated CT and EMP spawn-gates, to avoid spawn sniping.
Fixed structures building in the ground in the train-yard near EMP base
Fixed a few billboards not colliding with players
Replaced ladder with fire escape on the shopping mall for a few extra sniper spots and making it easier to climb down without falling off
Increased commander camera height a little bit, to reduce lost signal messages when flying over taller buildings.
Reverted primary resource console in a static model, to avoid players getting stuck in it.
Fixed several props fading out to fast
Added additional clip brushes to smooth out player movement and fix players getting stuck in several spots.
Fixed several small bugs throughout the level


Fixed players getting stuck in primary point
Added additional clip brushes to smooth out player movement and fix players getting stuck in several spots
Fixed players getting stuck in bushes
Fixed several small bugs throughout the level



08.09.2011, 15:56
Great updates...I still see potential in this game

14.09.2011, 19:09
Here are some videos made by SaySW0T and AndyBoomRox. Gives a good look at the game.





14.09.2011, 19:46
Looks awesome :O

16.09.2011, 19:22
For the guys who are thinking about getting the game. Green Man Gaming has it now on pre order with 15% off (16,95 euro). It is a steam game, so you can put it in steam.
Also there is a new coupon which gives you an extra 20%. This makes the price 13,56 euro. But it will only be for this weekend.

20.09.2011, 04:53
Beta Update 3


The previous update’s restriction on mp_maxrounds has been removed. The round reset issues have been resolved in this update. Set this cvar to the number of rounds you want the server to run before it changes to the next map. Set to 0 for unlimited rounds.
Stats and ranks (not achievements) have been reset for everyone. These will NOT be reset again, unless a major bug or exploit is found with them.


Added option to mute players talking over voice chat. (Button on the main menu)
Added the ability for command bunkers to build an emergency assembler. Creating an assembler from here is considerably more expensive but takes less time to build. Use this only as a last resort!
Added spawn protection. By default newly spawning players can’t be damaged for 2 seconds. Server admins can modify this value by changing the nd_spawnprotection CVar. 0 will disable spawn protection, 3 seconds is the maximum time that can be set.
Added pre-round state. mp_minplayers (default: 4) CVar has been added for this. Once this number of players are in the server the round and player scores will reset. Before this time, you will be able to score points on the scoreboard, but your XP will not increase.
You can now double-press the key associated with a control group (1 - 5) to teleport the commander camera to that position.
Digitally remastered InterWave intro logo.

General Issues

Further collision detection refinements for all structures.
Fixed being able to place a second structure inside a structure whose crate is expanding.
Fixed X01 not hitting certain parts of some structures.
Fixed mini-gun barrel not spinning when looking at other players.
Fixed a rare case where players may inherit the stats/XP of another player.
Fixed death by turret showing as a suicide if the commander leaves the server.
Improved performance in games with lots of structures.
Fixed collision bugs preventing the assassination of the commander in his chair.
Fixed commander abilities showing as being killed by “world???.
Fixed turrets not doing damage if they are built by a commander that changes team.
Fixed structures being left over after a round reset in an invisible, non-collidable state.
Fixed resource points not being reset, causing purple capture bars if “captured??? by both teams.
Fixed build holograms sometimes being left over from the previous round.
Fixed crash related to commander abilties.
Fixed empire power lasers being left over after a round reset.
Tweaked rank XP requirements.
Fixed artillery firing underground.
Improved artillery ceiling detection code. Shell shouldn’t travel though roofs to explode below.
Fixed rare case of the artillery not firing at all.
Moved all actions that you perform on the world (Attack, Defend, Capture) to the left mouse button to match traditional RTS games when clicked from the action grid.
Right clicking on the world after having a unit selected will perform its default action (for players it will send an attack order), without having to select it in the action grid.
Fixed artillery animations not playing.
Fixed artillery sounds not playing.
Fixed actions not being performed when multiple units are selected. Selecting more than one artillery and shooting it will now fire both.
Re-enabled zoom_sensitivity_ratio CVar.
Fixed video settings not saving properly.
Un-marked ‘kill’ command as a cheat.
Fixed squad control groups on the commander UI rarely selecting players, or selecting the wrong players.
Fixed an issue with the Artillery collision models not updating.
Fixed an issue with rocket turrets not being able to hit the Empire supply station.
Fixed bug where double clicking while placing a structure would cause the structure to never build, but still occupy space on the build grid.
Fixed breathing when zoomed in.
Fixed crash caused by opening the console after disconnecting from a server.
You can no longer see a enemy commander heal ability when in FPS.
Fixed HDR being reset on a new round.
Fixed level loading screens being the wrong size and looking generally messed up.
Improved error handling during level load errors and server disconnections
Fixed “Find Game??? and “Create Game??? not being click-able after a connection timeout.
Fixed some post-processing effects being broken after a round reset
Further optimisations to Artillery impact (explosion) particle effects.
Fixed commander order ‘blips’ not showing in the right place on FPS players’ minimap.
Fixed color correction not working properly after a round reset
Fixed reload not interrupting when you start sprinting.
Fixed rare case where you wouldn’t be refunded the correct number of resources after canceling a structure build.
Fixed bug when spectating a fast moving player would cause you to be “fired??? out of your transport gate when you spawn.
Fixed servers that have a password, or cheats enabled being hidden not being added to the master server.
Fixed crash exploit related to daisy cutters.
Fixed problem where you couldn’t get close enough to a commander in his chair to stab with arm knives on some maps.
Fixed not being able to connect to servers with a password (sv_password) set.
A new commander will now be selected from the applicant list when the current commander changes team.
Cloaked stealths no longer show on players minimaps.
Fixed stats progression.

User Interface

Fixed poison grenade showing POISON_GRENADE_ENT in the death notices
Fixed repair tool showing WEAPON_REPAIR_TOOL in the death notices
Fixed PP22 and MP7 showing the explosion icon in the death notices
Servers running a different version to the client are now marked in the server browser
Fixed players being killed by structures that have no commander on the team showing up as suicide.
Fixed bug that caused UI panels to be rendered twice. Should improve performance a little.
Fixed players that are rank 1 having the rank 2 icon on the scoreboard
Fixed messages (suicide, +10, warfare, etc) being stuck on your screen for 16 minutes.
Fixed misaligned UI elements on supply structures.
Fixed advanced video options being unresponsive while in game.
Fixed commander build bars sometimes being left over after a round reset.
Fixed commander structure health bars sometimes being left over after a round reset.
Fixed attack icon not showing for artillery in commander view
Added progress bar to show the reload status of artillery in commander view
Added new mouse cursors for attack, defend, capture orders, as well as generic attack orders for artillery.
Added resource counter for FPS players.
Added round timer for FPS players (only if mp_roundtime is more than 0)
Clicking on the back button on the options window will now apply the settings before going back to the main menu.
Removed confusing apply button on the options window. The functionality has been moved to the back button.
Commander how shows up as bold instead of red on the scoreboard.
Number of each class is now shown on the team selection panel.
Player rank and class level requirements made clearer on gizmo selection screen.
Improved spawn location indicator
Removed launch action for consortium crate
Enabled the tutorials button on the main menu
Hidden some options on the main menu while in a game to save room
Added a menu option when in a server to bring up the mute players list.
Added list of players talking on voice chat to the FPS HUD.
Fixed missing research and ability icons on commander HUD on MacOS
Removed old unpack and move actions for empire crate.
Added achievement icons. (Achievement window coming in next update)


Re-calibrated Homewrecker gizmo to give appropriate damage with Update 2’s Siege damage model
Increased NX300 damage against structures, to balance it with Update 2’s Commander repair boost
Reduced X01 rate of fire
Reduced X01 clip size
Increased X01 splash and direct damage to compensate for lower rate of fire
Adjusted X01 gizmos for the new rate of fire and damage values
Adjusted M95 and X01 cones of fire and recoil values
Slightly reduced MP500 and SP-5 damage against both players and structures
Slightly increased Exo damage resistance


Added no-build areas in several locations where the commander shouldn't be able to build
Fixed locations where the commander was able to deploy structures inside props
Fixed commander being able to build underground at CT base
Fixed train collision, blocking bullets properly now
Fixed player movement for City State side window entrance
Fixed floating sandbags near CT base
Fixed several small bugs throughout the level


Added 2 extra entrances towards the middle to capture the primary point
Added extra path for the secondary point on the east
Added no-build areas in several locations where the commander shouldn't be able to build
Fixed players getting stuck on a certain white sport car
Fixed water beneath material
Fixed several small bugs throughout the level

Removed overpass near the EMP base, to make it easier for commanders to build relay towers.
Removed building near EMP base, for a extra path to deploy relay towers
Added extra path from EMP base, to optimize relay tower placement
Fixed non explosive barrels
Fixed players getting stuck on solar-panel at the primary point
Fixed players getting stuck behind silo props near EMP base
Fixed players getting stuck in the roof behind EMP secondary point
Fixed not able to build on the submarine bridge
Added additional clip brushes to smooth out player movement and fix players getting stuck in several spots
Blocked an indoor area, where the player shouldn’t have access too
Fixed multiple model collisions to avoid bullets getting blocked in mid-air
Moved a few props around for smoother player movement
Increased falloff distance of the red lights to make them a bit more present
Fixed several small bugs throughout the level
Fixed decal projection on trees
Fixed multiple prop collisions, to avoid bullets getting blocked in mid-air
Fixed small rts camera issue at EMP base

23.09.2011, 05:13
Update 4 just finished for me (533.5 mb). Couldn't find any description of what is fixed/tweaked. Only found this.

X01/M95 balancing issues
2 new tutorials
Lots of other little fixes

23.09.2011, 19:52
Things fixed in 4.

Extensive testing and modifications have been done to better balance the X-01 and M-95.


Added 2 new tutorial videos to the Tutorials menu.
Added 3 new character voices for radio chatter.
Added class commander radio sounds for unit commander orders.

General Issues

Further improvements to structure collision detection.
Fixed a players sometimes getting stuck leaving the CT command chair.
Fixed a bug causing some people to get random stats when there are less than 4 people in a server.
Fixed ragdolls not always spawning.
Fixed collision issue with supply stations.
Fixed CT supply station resource display being offset from structure.
Fixed interior of CT bunker sometimes disappearing on certain graphics settings.
Fixed interior elements of both armouries disappearing on low graphics settings.
Polished round end camera and scoreboard to compliment new stats display.
Added music for round end (win and lose cues).
Reduced scale of recoil on the X-01 fire animation.
Fixed not being able to build structures on debris.
Fixed XP not being saved for support class.
Added sell action to newly built assemblers. You cannot sell the your first assembler.
Lowered XP requirements. Your rank will be updated to fit the new level requirements.

User Interface

Added end of round stats display.
Added research notifications.
Fixed class counts being incorrect on the team menu.
Fixed FPS HUD voice text sometimes being tiny.
Fixed server browser buttons being cut off.
Fixed text in dialogue boxes being cut off.
Updated the kit selection icons to use the same scheme as the gizmo icons.
Added minimap icon for commander orders.
New overview for Metro including the extra storefront paths.


Reduced damage per second done by Poison and Radiation grenades.
Reduced poisoned time after leaving the cloud radius.
Fixed modifier making the Poison and Radiation grenades effective against Exos.
X-01 splash damage restored.
X-01 rate of fire increased.
M95 splash damage reduced.


Increased width of the dock area, to make more room for deploying big structures
Fixed the rooftop near EMP base, where the commander was able to place structures
Added no-build areas in several locations where the commander shouldn't be able to build
Increased height of a certain rooftop near the primary point, to make it easier to mount/dismount the ladder on the top
Fixed not able to build an EMP power station in the primary area
Lowered a rooftop near the primary point to reduce the amount of relay towers needed, to reach the center area

23.09.2011, 23:07
Update 4.1. :)

General Issues

Fixed gizmos not being unlocked until you respawn
Fixed gizmos not being available on servers with less than 4 players.
Fixed problem where PSG used the explosion icon in the death notices.
Fixed problem where medical packs would fade out on low-end hardware.
Fixed announcer (“structure under attack”, “10 minutes remaining”, etc) only working on the first map of a server spawn.
Fixed FPS round timer being off by one second.
Fixed case where you would stay in the same squad after switching teams.
Changed resource point cool down from 10% of full production to 50%.
Fixed not being able to chat at the end of a round during the win/loss display
Fixed the end of round stats panel not showing at the end of a round if more than one round was played on a map.
Fixed map not changing if mp_maxrounds is set after the first round.
Excluded some un-needed files from the server download using hldsupdatetool.
Fixed some players being on fire when they shouldn’t be.
Fixed problem where your daisycutters were removed on respawn

User Interface

Silo overview map updated to include new passageways.

24.09.2011, 07:48
Updating the Beta alot. Have to play again when I get home later this evening.

25.09.2011, 13:50
Wiki Page: Nuclear Dawn Wiki (http://wiki.nucleardawnthegame.com/index.php/Main_Page)

Tutorial videos:

Resource points:


Commander UI:


Commander power:


Circle of Life:


25.09.2011, 13:58
Got 5 awards by the way. One of them is this (Very proud here :)).

I Don't Like Bunnies. Land a headshot on an enemy while they are airborne.

25.09.2011, 14:59
Thats the best name of an achivement in any game so far :D

26.09.2011, 19:09
Release update (679 MB):

Added Doppler “whoosh” for rocket flybys.
Added separate cloak sounds for each team.
Added two new music tracks, the main menu now randomly chooses 1 of 3 on launch.
Added X-01 tracer flyby sound.
Added new poison and radiation grenade sounds.
Added Consortium Stealth character radio sounds.
Added destruction sounds for each structure.
General Issues
Changing video options while connected to a server will no longer require you to rejoin (which was also broken).
You can no longer sell your last transport gate.
Apply to be commander on the spawn menu better reflects if you are currently in the list of commander applicants.
Added FPS HUD message when you have no commander, and no-one in your team has applied to become the commander.
Added a resign button for the commander on the team menu (where mutiny shows for other players)
Fixed players not being added to the commander election pool during a pre-round.
Fixed flamethrower particles randomly colliding with invisible planes.
Fixed a bug where part of the flamethrower particle would bleed away from the stream.
Fixed rare case where players could command during the pre-round.
Fixed case where commander applicants would be removed from the applicant pool after a new round starts.
Fixed multiple commander applicants being asked if they want to command, but only the first one to respond will get promoted to commander.
Fixed a commander applicant from the other team being asked if they want to command for the other team.
Fixed various player ragdoll spawning issues.
Fixed various console spam messages.
Fixed being able to research things multiple times, and being charged each time.
Fixed a bug with grenade launcher shells not impacting properly.
Fixed the artillery fire sound not playing.
Various Exo balance adjustments.
Fixed the Exo lockdown sounds not playing in first person.
Fixed cases where turrets would miss or not see some structures.
User Interface
Added third party audio and video credits to Audio, Video and Voice options panels.
Fixed several lines of text in the main menus that were cut off in some languages.
Fixed issues with displaying non Latin characters on main menu.
Added a bit more room at the top of main menu panels to fit some localized fonts.
Fixed various menu issues on MacOS
Fixed build bars extending too far if you hold down shift while building structures to instantly build another structure of the same type.
Enabled the achievements button on the main menu
Added ragdoll eye death cam.
Improved performance of Stealth backstab in high latency or fast movement.
Made a small increase to the health output of the medpack.
Various Exo balance adjustments.
Relocated CT command bunker to make it less exposed
Added no-build areas in several locations where the commander shouldn't be able to build
Fixed taxi hat colliding with players
Fixed non-solid bushes
Fixed various small bugs throughout the level
Fixed prop fade distance on lower spec machines
Moved tertiary in EMP base to make space for main power station
Added no-build areas in the metro-station, to fix commanders building structures inside
Fixed able to build structures in various props throughout the level
Fixed small launch tower blocking bullets/grenades and rockets at the primary point
Added no-build areas in several locations where the commander shouldn't be able to build
Fixed floating light and crates
Fixed players getting stuck in garbage bags
Added extra entrance for the secondary point at the EMP side

Release date: 27th september.

01.10.2011, 07:44
EverydayGamers Developer interview. (http://everydaygamers.com/2011/09/28/developer-interview-interwave-studio/)

15.10.2011, 12:26
First patch for release was on october 7th.

General Issues

Fixed issue where the death cam would begin at a recently observed teammate (should now be much less jarring).
Improved the targeting of turrets versus other structures.
Radio commands can now only be executed by living players.
Fixed problem where some weapons would not cancel the toggled sprint on weapon fire.
Fixed issue where players would gain points for killing friendly structures in games with mp_friendlyfire enabled.
Fixed a few minor client crashes.
User Interface

Fixed an issue where repairing a group selection of structures toggled already repairing structures out of repair mode.
Fixed a Mac OS X issue where the Assault class’s thermal visor was extremely dark.
Player class counts on the Select Class menu should now be entirely accurate.
Fixed issue where the spawn menu would not close when there are no active transport gates when the player is alive.
Fixed issue where the spawn menu would not always hide deactivated transport gates.

Fixed some instances where the player could get stuck
fixed grass growing inside the Empire bunker
Smoothed movement around some rubble pieces

Fixed hole in displacement in the tunnel at the back entrance of the City State
Added no-build area in a small alley near the EMP base, where the commanders shouldn’t be able to build

Fixed z-order issue on the hotel overhang glass
Fixed players getting stuck in the big garbage pile
Fixed several small bugs throughout the map

Fixed invisible wall blocking stairs near EMP base
Fixed players floating on a certain pipe near the primary point
Nuclear Dawn SDK is released and ready for download.

For the moment the SDK enables you to create your own maps, props, and particles. Creating structures requires a lot of programming, and _for now_ that isn't possible; though we may add a VScript or C++ interface for creating custom structures.

17.10.2011, 21:18
Guess what TotalBiscuit is playing these days. ;)

41 42

20.10.2011, 22:44
Update 2.

Added some extra hints
Added “_promote_to_commander” console command for plugin authors to promote commanders properly. Please update your plugins to use this as the current method of modifying the send table is causing problems. This command expects 1 argument that is the player index of the player to promote.
Added team balance system. By default the teams will be balanced at the end of each round. You can modify mp_autoteambalance to change this behavior. 0 = No balancing, 1 = Only balance on end of round (default), 2 = Only balance during the game if there are [mp_unbalance_limit] more players on one team than the other, 3 = Balance throughout the round and at the end of the round. You can also modify mp_autoteambalance_delay to specify the amount of seconds into a round that balancing will occur.
Added German localization
General Issues
Fixed the killcam effect when viewed from spectator perspective.
Fixed the chaingun spin and other blended animation glitches in spectate mode.
Fixed the flamethrower, blowtorch and other muzzle particle positions in spectate mode.
Fixed the camera bobbing effect on the weapon and interface from spectate perspective.
Fixed the spectator camera getting stuck on round end cam at the start of a new round.
Fixed the sniper scope overlay from spectate perspective.
Further optimised the poison and radiation cloud particle effects.
Fixed the iron sight hint showing up, and registering the lesson with the game instructor.
Fixed the class special ability showing up and being registered with the game instructor.
Fixed the MP7 sight to be in the proper lowered position (now with illuminated markers!)
Fixed sprinting after reloading the Avenger causing the reload to fail.
Fixed Empire power lasers showing to the Consortium when an Empire structure is shrouded.
Fixed a few issues with the spawn selection after changing teams.
Added more space between the spawn gates in all the maps to avoid both taken out by one EMP grenade
Fixed grenades not colliding with some structures
Grenades now emit a bounce sound
Ringing sound removed from being near explosions.
Improved grenade physics
Fixed grenade launcher grenades disappearing when fired at certain angles.
User Interface
Added a list of developer and contributor credits to the game, visible when you click the InterWave logo at the bottom center of the main menu.
Fixed missing soldier icon for control groups 6 through 0.
Balanced the Avenger against the F2000’s ROF.
Siege weapon gizmos should now be functional again.
Stabilizer gizmos should now behave as intended across all weapons.
Made a pass of balance tweaks to each pair of automatic bullet weapons.
Reduced the E.M.P effect radius from 400 units to 325, to reduce the number of affected buildings and units per grenade and to encourage better aiming with each throw.
Reduced the general EMP effect time from 25/10 to 18/3 (max/min)
Command Bunkers are now EMP-proof, and cannot be shut down
Fixed framedrop in the underground area

Added a hole in the Empire spawn building so you need less relays at the start
Replaced some cover pieces with much taller versions so you can hide Empire power relays better
Created a more Empire favoured entrance to the Primary building and sealed off one of the Consortium ones
Blocked the Consortium being able to build inside the warehouse outside their spawn to make things more balanced (The empire are unable to build inside their equivalent building)
Switched the team victory cameras round to show the correct ones
Blocked some visual errors relating to the water
Made it so you can no longer swim in the dam water (its now too shallow so you should just walk)
Fixed commanders able to build in the primary resource pit

Added additional no-build areas in the primary area
Adjusted no-build areas in the metro station, to fix commanders building in the underground area
Fixed players getting stuck on the primary console in the bunker
Fixed a few small issues throughout the map

Added roof for the glass shield on the Empire side to make the base less exposed for EMP grenades
Moved a few props around to smooth out player movement
Fixed a few small issues throughout the map
You guys go ahead and play BF3 or RO2. I will be enjoying myself with this game. And some L4D of course. :D

Community contest in december maybe. Best maps will be put in the game.
Also if the game does great, they might port it over in Portal 2 Source engine.

20.10.2011, 22:50
Played this yesterday and it was fun. It wasnt laggy like in the beginning. I think this could be a great game if there would be enought team/squadplayers playing it. But now its lacking teamwork.

20.10.2011, 23:07
I know what you mean. But i have had some games where everybody was working together. Even at the end when everything felt lost.
The game has 1 big plus for me though. It sees your steam friendslist and tells you on which server they are playing (not who).

Also someone on the steam forums asked in general why we liked the game. This is my response and i think Fin will agree with me.

I like this game. It has that BF2142 feeling for me.
Don't get me wrong here. I know it isn't 2142 nor will it be. It just has that thing that you think you play for an hour, but instead end up playing for 3-4 hours.

The only thing i really miss in this game is SquadVoIP. It's nice to talk to everyone, but sometimes you also want to discuss a tactic with your squad.

20.10.2011, 23:20
It's really catching my attention lately, it looks brilliant. Just not FREE enough for my budget :P

21.10.2011, 07:49
Yeah I have to agree with that Medic. It has the same feeling and thats a good thing, but its not as good :icon_lol: But Im sure Ill keep playing this maybe Ill get some rounds too where people play together.

21.10.2011, 18:49
Hotfix 2.1:

General Issues

Fixed the Command Bunker entity not being created on Linux servers.
Fixed not being able to spawn on Linux servers.
Fixed the spectate camera jarring between two camera points when there are no players to spectate.
Fixed death camera blur and desaturation on MacOS to match PC.

User Interface

Fixed broken center screen notifications on MacOS.
Fixed broken tool tip text in commander view on MacOS.
Fixed the confirm check mark icon when selling structures on MacOS.
Fixed squad names showing incorrectly on the customize menu of MacOS.

01.11.2011, 22:06
Update 3. (27-10-2011)

• Added updates to the German localization, including media localization.

General Issues
• Fixed the Exo lockdown third person animation sometimes not playing.
• Fixed the Empire Exo chaingun barrel spin not working.
• Fixed the Consortium Stealth’s left knife sometimes coming out of her hand.
• Fixed an issue with localization of media (radio voices, etc).
• Fixed an issue with advanced kits resetting on new round or team change.
• Fixed hammer crash on oilrig01_sr.vmt
• Fixed over bright metal frames in Oasis
• Improved concrete barrier props.

User Interface
• Fixed a grammar mistake with ‘Use the console...’ commander hint.
• Removed the primary resource player count hint (UI indicator remains)
• Added proximity indicators for grenades and daisycutters.
• Added a HUD element to the blowtorch indicating structure health.
• Added player name on spectate camera.

01.11.2011, 22:11
TotalBiscuit likes it too ... more or less ;)


also at around 19:30 - very good point about BF3 if you ask me.

01.11.2011, 22:11
Here is the tutorial for Commanders.


Other tutorial videos are on page 6.

04.11.2011, 05:17
Update 4.

Added “Love Thy Troops??? commander orders tutorial video.
BSPzip.exe has now been added to the SDK for level designers and modders.
General Issues
Fixed a bug with the election system that allowed a user to register multiple votes.
Fixed a prediction bug with the Bag90 pistol and SPETZ-9 shotgun.
Fixed issue with weapon switching.
User Interface
Frag and poison grenades now have a different proximity indicator icon.
EMP’d spawn points now have a unique icon on the deployment map.
The customize menu now opens automatically when a new class is selected.
Fixed easy to hit assembler.
Added a few more variations of the T-Barriers.
Fixed CT assembler easy to hit from a long distance
Blocked areas where players shouldn’t get to throughout the map.
Added a few more variations of the T-Barriers.
Added extra clipping throughout the map, to smooth out player movement.
Fixed light glitches on displacement in a few areas
Fixed grass sticking through the floor in several locations
Fixed light casting issues due smoothing, on multiple vehicle props

16.11.2011, 15:13
Free weekend coming 1st of December.

InterWave Studios announces that their first game Nuclear Dawn will be free to play on Steam beginning Thursday, December 1, 2011 through Monday, December 5, 2011 for PC and MAC. During the free Steam weekend, fans wanting to purchase the full Nuclear Dawn game can do so at a 40% discount.

16.11.2011, 18:35
I'll be sure to try it out.

16.11.2011, 20:37
Nice. I'll try to try it. :)

24.11.2011, 21:51
Autumn sale. 50% off till 28 november.

28.11.2011, 18:16
Reminder for the free weekend.;)

http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/393769_10150381637849405_154008824404_8302588_1966 382032_n.jpg

So... you have all read what's coming next week, but we didnt tell you yet about our career stats page: track your battle stats from a new in-game menu. Monitor progress for upcoming unlocks, achievements, and customize your equipped optional extras!

28.11.2011, 21:47
Just take a look at the scores. You will know what i mean. :D

Nuclear Dawn review
(http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/11/27/nuclear-dawn-review/)Battlefield 3 review
(http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/11/03/battlefield-3-review/)COD Modern Warfare 3 review (http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/11/10/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3-review/)

29.11.2011, 19:09
Sorry to mention this, but you have to wait 2 weeks for the free weekend.


We are not so proud to announce that the Nuclear Dawn Steam free weekend has been delayed by a fortnight. The Nuclear Dawn free weekend on Steam will now be held from the 15th to the 19th of December.

The circumstances behind this change are entirely out of our control, and we were just presented with the facts last night.

As things stand, we are going to release a large part of the update we’re currently working on in the next 10 days, ahead of the free weekend. This way, players who purchased the game over the Autumn Sale will be able to enjoy some of the promised upgrades at least.

Needless to say, we are less than thrilled with this chain of events, though we welcome the chance to polish the new content even more, and to do some public testing of the new features, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the 15th.

See you soon!

30.11.2011, 00:03
I can wait :D

09.12.2011, 10:05
Update 5.

Update 5

In preparation of next weeks Free weekend on Steam (Dec 15-18), we have just submitted the latest update 5 to the Steam servers, for Nuclear Dawn. This latest update adds a brand new Training mode to the basics of the game from both the FPS and RTS side. It also adds a new Squad Assist system, where players will receive bonuses for healing, capturing resources, and kill assists.

Commander Graduate achievement

This is a special achievement earned by completing all of the interactive RTS training. In live games, players who have this achievement will have priority over candidates who did not complete training.

Career Page

Added a “Career??? page to the main menu for viewing your player stats, including upcoming general and class-specific unlocks.
http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/385839_10150411563694405_154008824404_8404498_1949 764708_n.jpg
Santa Hats

Added Santa hats which will run though the holidays - starting 19th December. Server admins can control the behavior with the following CVar:
nd_xmas - 0 = Hats disabled - 1 = Hats only for commanders - 2 = Hats for EVERYONE!

That's just the highlights! Now on-to the full changelog:


· Players will be awarded double XP throughout the free weekend (15th - 19th December).
· P-900 sidearm unlock added (automatically awarded to all players who purchase during the free weekend, as well as those who have already purchased Nuclear Dawn prior.)
· Added Santa hats which will run though the holidays - starting 19th December. Server admins can control the behavior with the following CVar:
o nd_xmas - 0 = Hats disabled - 1 = Hats only for commanders - 2 = Hats for EVERYONE!
· Added squad bonuses for healing, capturing resources, and kill assists.
· Saboteur Stealth class introduced. Use Remote Explosive Devices and machine pistols, in conjunction with your Stealth Cloak teach your enemies fear of the dark.
· Four interactive FPS training courses that cover aspects of class warfare and basic gameplay mechanics
· Three interactive RTS training courses that cover the basic Commander functions (minus tactical excellence - you add that yourselves)
· Commander Graduate achievement - a special achievement earned by completing all of the interactive RTS training. In live games, players who have this achievement will have priority over candidates who did not complete training.
· Added a “Career??? page to the main menu for viewing your player stats, including upcoming general and class-specific unlocks.
· Added an “Extras??? tab (found via the new “Career??? page) that allows players to enable/disable bonuses, such as the pre-order Veteran Medal and free-weekend P-900 sidearm unlock.
· Added bots. These should be considered BETA as most functionality is still in development. For this version, the bots will behave similarly to regular players, rather than purchased units as in other RTS titles (they will do their own thing, other than when a commander order is given to them). Below are some console variables you can use to add bots to your server:
o bot_quota = Number of bots
o bot_quota_mode [ normal | fill | match ] = If 'fill', the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota. If 'match', the server will maintain a 1:N ratio of humans to bots. If ‘normal’ there will be N bots in the game. Where N is bot_quota.
o bot_add_ct = Add a bot to the Consortium team
o bot_add_emp = Add a bot to the Empire team

General Issues

· Secondary Resource Point resource production has been increased to balance the dominance of the Primary. While Secondary points still remain vastly inferior to the Primary, now a commander that manages to hold both at the same time will actually be able to remain competitive against the one holding the primary.
· Fixed an issue where turrets would sometimes continue to target Stealth players even after they have activated cloak.
· Fixed an issue where Transport Gates were sometimes visible on the spawn location map, even when out of power, or EMP’d.
· Fixed not being able to perform any commander actions when running a listen server on MacOS.
· Fixed RTS camera rotation issues on MacOS
· Fixed issue where empty commander orders were being left around the map
· Fixed fog of war problem that would cause some players and structures to be invisible in commander mode, even when they are in line of sight of your units.
· Improved and re-added idle fidget animations with leg movement.
· Improved knife/blade hit detection in both regular stab and backstab modes.
· Fixed multiple instances of first person animation glitches when returning to idle from sprint.
· A number of various stability fixes.

User Interface

· The Steam server browser will now correctly display Nuclear Dawn servers.
· Improved some UI mouse-over effects.
· Improved class selection images.
· Added icons for each class on the squad menu.
· Fixed some cases where text would have incorrect spacing on MacOS.
· Added a chat message when a player is awarded an achievement.
· Added new kit selection icons for Stealth Assassin, Support Engineer and Support Medic.


· Increased Repair Tool’s effectiveness against enemy structures by 20%


· Clocktower
o Added a extra route to deploy relay towers by scaling up the tunnel at EMP base
o Fixed a few small issues throughout the level

· Downtown
o Relocated EMP command bunker to make it less exposed
o Removed floating displacement
o Fixed bushes not solid in multiple locations
o Fixed wireless repeater floating in the alley at the primary area
o Fixed CT wincam pointing at wrong location
o Removed ropes from the City State building
o Added multiple no-build areas throughout the level

· Hydro
o No longer possible to build behind the Empire Bunker

· Metro
o Fixed getting stuck in the primary bunker in some situations.
o Fixed a few floating bushes

· Oasis
o Fixed able to capture Primary from outside the building in a certain spot
o Extended capture area
o Added extra cover around the EMP base and throughout the level for relay towers

09.12.2011, 12:01
This game has very good support. We should really try this on free weekend and see if this is good option for S7 game. Ive played it a little but not lately will try it again and see how the updates have affected the game.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk

09.12.2011, 15:47
Patch is about 1.3GB big.

View more pics from new sniper kit.
http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/381196_10150411604339405_154008824404_8404598_1854 616583_n.jpg

http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/390034_10150411604554405_154008824404_8404600_1524 44114_n.jpg

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/387674_10150411604799405_154008824404_8404602_1067 497852_n.jpg

14.12.2011, 20:42
Just a little reminder about tomorrow guys. Can't say if you love the game or hate it, but just give it a try.

Here you can find some interesting thoughts from the developers. InterWave Blog (http://blog.interwavestudios.com/)

15.12.2011, 18:17
Has this started yet? I can't seem to find the free trial button :(

15.12.2011, 18:36
Restart steam. :D

For who want's to get the game cheaper. GamersGate has it on sale only today for 6 euro. that is 13:24 hours from now.

15.12.2011, 19:25
Not a bad price for a decent game that has voip, commander and good dev support.

15.12.2011, 19:46
Maybe not squad voip, but it has team voip. And in this game the commander realy makes the difference.
If you want to now about why no vehicles and other decisions, read this (http://blog.interwavestudios.com/content/140) blog.

Steam install link:http://steam://install/17710

15.12.2011, 20:27
Downloading......shall be over 2 hrs so if I do anything else tonight the d/l will need to be stopped and restarted later.

Might get a game in tomorrow though ;)

15.12.2011, 22:04
Yeah lets have a go at this game friday and see what it is like.

16.12.2011, 18:36
So it is 2 downloads at 5GB each?

16.12.2011, 18:45
So it is 2 downloads at 5GB each?

It's the same. If you look at the counter, you will see they sync. :)

16.12.2011, 18:46
Update 5.1 (207,7 MB).


Added new attachment for the Silencer gizmo when applied to the SPETZ-9 Shotgun and Paladin Sniper Rifle.

Added low-visibility particle effect on silenced weapons.
General Issues

Fixed players in single-player training showing up as join-able on the server browser.

Fixed pre-order Veteran medal sometimes not being given

Fixed several bugs with the Deep Blue achievement.

Fixed a bug with the Cloak-on-Cloak Action achievement.

Replaced the poison grenade from the Stealth Saboteur with a pistol side-arm.

Fixed stealth player models, and some weapons becoming invisible with mutli-core rendering disabled on Windows.

Fixed Consortium Support eye height being too high.

Fixed errors regarding the ‘DropClip’ event from the Bag-90 and P-900 sidearms.

Fixed the default key bind for weapon quick switch. Players should consider restoring their key binds to the default configuration.

Improved bot navigation meshes for all maps

Fixed naming for the london world fair prop

Fixed can’t create physic object error
User Interface

Fixed pre-order Veteran medal sometimes not showing up in the extras panel.

Fixed missing chat and exit button in the commander screen after joining a game right after commander training.


Fixed able to build inside the building at the EMP base

Fixed invisible wall on an inside walkway

Removed floating rope above the CT command bunker

Added a bit more space for the EMP commander to deploy relay towers

Fixed multiple small issues throughout the level

FPS Training

Fixed unable to proceed with Exo tutorial when running between the two firing rooms while pressing space

Removed delay from jump/crouching messages, they now show up when the player is near the obstacle

16.12.2011, 18:54
I think it is just 5GB, must be just a display thing.

16.12.2011, 22:04
Having some fun games, if you have the game, come join us.

21.12.2011, 15:51
It's 50% off on GreenManGaming. Don't now for how long. You need to activate it on steam.

22.12.2011, 18:50
Nuclear Dawn is going IndieRoyale.com (http://IndieRoyale.com)! More news soon!

26.12.2011, 19:45
On sale. 2 hours 15 min. from now. 75% off. Wasn't on earlier, so sorry for the late announcement.

06.01.2012, 22:38
Indie new year's bundle. (http://www.indieroyale.com/)

08.01.2012, 10:07
2 days left. 3,22 euros now.

09.01.2012, 20:00
21 hours. 2,46 Euro.

23.01.2012, 19:42
Little update on 5.2

Hello everyone,

As you might know we are busy finishing up the next ND patch version 5.2 that will fix a whole bunch of issues but will also bring a new map to you all, OILFIELD. This is a large map with lots of open areas for everyone to enjoy!

We have choosen to bring the map to everyone so we can all test it together in its beta stage, so our community can give us feedback on what they want to see changed/improved before we make it final. But... that's not all, below a list of all the things for the upcoming patch:

Client Changes
* Added teammate player names to commander view.
* Added variable FOV slider to advanced video options (range 75 - 100, default 90).
* Added option to disable motion blur in advanced video options.
* Added alternate zoom method for commanders (hold SHIFT + mouse up/down).
* Added ironsights toggle option in advanced keyboard settings (default on).
* Added crouch toggle option in advanced keyboard settings (default off).

* Fixed career overview showing incorrect unlock level for class gizmos.
* Fixed spawn selection on minimap
* Fixed achievements being earned in training mode.
* Fixed Golden Targets achievement counting commanders in bunker instead of commanders outside of bunker.
* Fixed Team Domination, Around the Track, and Headshot achievements being impossible to achieve.
* Fixed servers not showing in Steam server browser.
* Outdated servers no longer show on Steam server list nor in-game.
* Fixed firstperson, thirdperson, and thirdpersonshoulder commands not functioning.
* Fixed Consortium commanders not getting credit for Sonic Turret kills.
* Increased required build area for Transport Gates to stop players from getting easily stuck upon spawn.
* Fixed thermal vision in armory exploit.
* Fixed class change for health exploit.
* Fixed Steam UpToDate web api not recognizing ND.
* Ported in some engine stability fixes from Left 4 Dead 2.
* Fixed some prediction issues with the Stealth's arm knives.
* Fixed using secondary attack button on knives not cancelling sprint.

Server Downloads
* Fixed custom maps not downloading.
* Fixed all custom downloads not working without sv_downloadurl set.
* Enabled sv_allowdownload, sv_allowupload, and net_maxfilesize cvars.

Other Server Changes
* Server hibernation no longer enabled by default.
* Server hibernation setting can now be altered.
* Enhanced and cleaned up server logging.

Patch 5.2 should be out before the end of January, so stay tuned!

Source with images of new map. (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/topic/3968-nuclear-dawn-update-52-including-new-beta-map/)

30.01.2012, 19:39
ND should be updating tomorrow. Can't wait to try out the new map. Looks epic in every way.

Final changelog for 5.2

Client Changes
* Added teammate player names and class icons to commander view.
* Added player squad letter to name in both first-person and commander views.
* Added backstab indicator for armknives to aiming reticle.
* Added variable FOV slider to advanced video options (range 75 - 100, default 90).
* Added option to disable motion blur in advanced video options.
* Added alternate zoom method for commanders without scroll wheel (hold SHIFT + mouse up/down).
* Added ironsights toggle option in advanced keyboard settings (default on).
* Added crouch toggle option in advanced keyboard settings (default off).
* Decreased frequency of structure under attack sound
* Updated German and Russian localizations.

* Fixed career overview showing incorrect unlock level for class gizmos.
* Fixed spawn selection on minimap
* Fixed achievements being earned in training mode.
* Fixed Golden Targets achievement counting commanders in bunker instead of commanders outside of bunker.
* Fixed Team Domination, Around the Track, and Headshot achievements being impossible to achieve.
* Fixed servers not showing in Steam server browser.
* Outdated servers no longer show on Steam server list nor in-game.
* Fixed firstperson, thirdperson, and thirdpersonshoulder commands not functioning.
* Fixed Consortium commanders not getting credit for Sonic Turret kills.
* Increased required build area for Transport Gates to stop players from getting easily stuck upon spawn.
* Fixed thermal vision in armory exploit.
* Fixed class change for health exploit.
* Fixed Steam UpToDate web api not recognizing ND.
* Ported in some engine stability fixes from Left 4 Dead 2.
* Fixed some prediction issues with the Stealth's arm knives.
* Fixed using secondary attack button on knives not cancelling sprint.
* Fixed plugin menus being hidden by loadout menu.
* Fixed plugin menus ignoring input in commander view.

Server Downloads
* Fixed custom maps not downloading.
* Fixed all custom downloads not working without sv_downloadurl set.
* Enabled sv_allowdownload, sv_allowupload, and net_maxfilesize cvars.

Other Server Changes
* Added Motd support (use motd.txt or file specified by motdfile cvar).
* Server hibernation no longer enabled by default.
* Server hibernation setting can now be altered.
* Enhanced and cleaned up server logging.
* Added requested event properties for modders.

* Added Oilfield Beta.

* Redesigned Empire spawn area to make it less exposed
* Fixed able to hit assembler with m95 from Bath house roof
* Modified tunnel behind Empire base for deploying relay towers

22.02.2012, 16:37
nuclear dawn version 6 update.

weapons and slots:
- frag grenades now vaporize other thrown frag grenades in blast radius.
- medpacks now have unlimited "ammo". (still only one can be placed at a time, per person).
- saboteur's reds now use grenade slot.
- added secondary weapon slot for sidearms. (weapon slot binds will be reset to default).
- p900 is now enabled for players that have reached level 60.

commanders may now set a default spawn area:
- transport gates in default area will show in purple color on minimap.
- default spawn area will show as purple on spawn point map.
- manually changing spawn location for self will override default until a new default is set by commander.

added ammopacks for support engineer:
- engineer has a max of three ammopacks.
- ammopacks follow same supply rules as supply station, but do not refill.
- ammopacks do not supply more ammopacks http://forums.interwavestudios.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png
- ammopacks disappear when depleted or after 45 seconds.

added hypospray device for support medic:
- hypospray has a max of two charges
- hypospray can be used on a teammate or on self (alt-fire).
- hypospray effect gives 15 seconds of 80% damage reduction to self.
- units under the effect of hypospray cannot be healed.

added artillery strike calls:
- commanders may now enable artillery strike calls on artillery structures.
- players may call own artillery strikes from radial menu.
- first in-range artillery that is enabled for calls and ready to fire will attack area designated by caller.

other enhancements:
- enabled attack notifications, health, and round timer in commander view.
- added minimap blips for some player radio calls.

general fixes:
- fixed squad appearances not getting reset on team change.
- player stats now get updated when map changes mid-round.
- updated armblade crosshair to be more noticeable when in stab range.
- fixed multiple issues with around the track achievement.
- fixed mac client crash when joining a server with custom files and sv_downloadurl enabled.
- fixed an issue causing medpacks to not affect certain players.
- fixed medpacks healing enemies.
- fixed a case where turrets would not decloak a stealth unit.
- fixed turrets continuing to fire at out-of-range enemies after locking on.
- fixed heartbeat sound sometimes getting 'stuck' as well as some related performance issues.
- fixed issues with heartbeat and bloodsplatter when spectating.
- fixed an issue where players could spawn with advanced kits at round start.
- fixed issues with add server to favorites dialog box.
- fixed scaling of motd window.
- fixed being able to stack buildings by having multiple assemblers selected.

server changes:
- added oilfield_beta to default mapcycle and maplist.
- removed mapcycle, motd, and motdtext from vpk files so that custom ones can be used more easily.
- enabled mapcyclefile cvar.
- added sv_allow_voice_from_file cvar to allow server owners to stop voice file spam.
- servers with alltalk or friendlyfire enabled are now tagged in the server browser.
- fixed medkit_heal event always have 0 for "ownerid" property.
- added "weapon" property to structure_death event.
- updated team balancer to be more likely to keep squads together.

furthermore, oilfield:

* additional optimizing pass throughout the map
* relocated watchtower at the empire secondary point, to avoid assembler sniping
* added more cover around both faction areas, to avoid base sniping
* fixed invisible wall near the broken airplane
* fixed invisible wall blocking off the pipelines on the edge of the level
* fixed props disappearing at the primary point in rts mode
* fixed stairs to low in storage building
* increased amount of resource points
* fixed collision on the large oiltank
* fixed airplane wheel collisions blocking player
* fixed ladders not climeable on fueltrucks
* added climeable ladders for the oil silos throughout the level
* fixed able to fall between the two buildings and get stuck near the helicopter platform
* fixed several small issues throughout the level
* decreased lightmap scale for better shadow casting

* fixed several texture overlapping issues
* removed ladders from oil derricks in the playable level (separated model)


* fixed missing brush in the corner near the empire base
* rebuild nav mesh for bots


* fixed commander able to build in the primary pit
* added a few extra no-build areas to avoid structures being deployed inside buildings.


* changed default skybox to tokyo
* removed some l4d2 related parameters


* improved primary bunker collision model
* improved collision for the small metal stairs in hydro
* fixed primary console collision models
Should be available by the end of this week.

23.02.2012, 18:28
I wonder why we're not playing this sometimes...is it a busy game? Enough players?

23.02.2012, 18:36
Patch is live. Size is 369.5 Mb for Windows and 385 Mb for Mac.
Radar drone is planned for a patch in March and a new map called forest should be out somewhere near June.

23.02.2012, 18:46
I wonder why we're not playing this sometimes...is it a busy game? Enough players?

Hard to tell. Can find servers with real teamwork, but they are probably a hand full. Haven't checked recently.
Don't play it as much as i would, because of you guys. Rather play a good game with my friends than this game, but i think this can be applied to BF3 also.

There is also a contest going on for people to submit there maps. 2 winners will get there map added to ND. Also a price can be won. 1000 dollar for winner and 500 dollar for runner up.
http://forums.interwavestudios.com/forum/73-contests/ (http://www.nucleardawnthegame.com/contest/2012/1)

24.02.2012, 18:14
nuclear dawn version 6.01 update.

This patch fixes player number being wrong in the server browser (when bots are on), some balance tweaks (hypospray) and other bug fixes.

Balance changes
* Each ammopack can now only supply each player up to one of each grenade type and one hypospray.
* EMP blasts now destroy nano skin effect on enemies.
* Hypospray / nano skin damage reduction lowered to 70%.
* Poison damage is no longer reduced by nano skin.
* Increased damage for all turret types.
* Reduced X01 effective range.

* Fixed server browser player count being incorrect if bots were in game.
* Fixed opposing team's default spawn showing in purple.
* Fixed missing structure health indicator on repair tool.
* Fixed some inconsistencies with nano skin duration bar, especially when hypospraying other players.
* Artillery radio calls are now rate-limited.
* Made icon above players with nano skin clearer.
* Class ability key now always goes to repair tool on Support Engineer, rather than cycling tools.
* Repair tool is now first, before ammo pack, when cycling tools as Support Engineer.

08.03.2012, 19:22
Nuclear Dawn Update 6.1 (March, 2012):

New Features:
- Added support for setting clan/group association (options>other>clantag).
- Added new clan-based achievements: Ants, Locusts, Legion, Playground Bullies, Strength In Numbers, and Traitor.
- Added ability to teleport between your team's transport gates (use the USE key, default E on a gate).
- Added ability for commander to manually power down most structures to free up power for others.

Other enhancements
- "Enemy spotted" radio command now does short, red minimap blip on any enemies near pointing direction.
- Squad preference is now remembered across team and map changes.
- Join button on squads now becomes "Leave" for squad you are currently in.
- Touched up scoreboard to allow showing longer names and clan tags, as well as making commander more visible.
- Added scoring for ammo given via pack and hypospraying teammates.
- Enabled joystick/gamepad options in Mouse options (FPS only!).
- Made "No artillery in range" message more visible.
- Added new "Other" options tab to expose more configuration options (including game hints, steam cloud, server download filter, and more).
- Removed spectate tab from server browser until full Source TV support is available.

Balance Changes:
- Hypospray from supply station is now rate-limited similarly to grenades.
- Lowered ammo pack max carry to 2.
- Now only one ammo pack per player can be deployed at once, similar to med packs.
- Ammo packs from supply station are now rate-limited at a slightly less frequent rate than grenades.

Oilfield final:
- Renamed oilfield_beta to oilfield
- Added new overview map and loading screen
- Added 4 extra tertiary points
- Fixed plants sticking through container near ct base
- Fixed floating fueltruck and container
- Fixed small ladder issue on one of the fueltrucks
- Fixed small displacement issues

- Fixed and improved a wide range of prop collisions.
- Fixed right-click no longer working to cancel building of a structure.
- Fixed a case where the health hud indicator would get stuck at the top of the screen.
- Fixed client crash when connecting to a server with a misconfigured download url.
- Fixed explosive grenade types not counting toward Plenty To Go Around achievement.
- Fixed a rare case where players could spawn without weapons.
- Fixed issues with some weapons not tracking properly for Headshot achievement and added progress indiciator.
- Fixed in-bunker commander kills counting toward Golden Targets achievement.
- Fixed commander chat history being cut off by a character for full-width text.

Server changes:
- Server browser no longer adds tags for secure/insecure (use existing, separate filter for these).
- Added option to have teams swapped at round end (mp_roundend_teamswap).
- Added option to force players to auto-assign selves to teams (mp_force_autoassign, will tag server with forceautoassign).
- Improved and fixed portions of team balance logic.

08.03.2012, 21:59
Checked out the Clan Tag-option and it worked. You get to select your clan from a drop-down menu which shows you your subscribed groups on steam.
Clan Tag is [Section7].:icon_stare: I have no problem with this however, because i use [S7] in steam name.

09.03.2012, 16:59
They are going to try and release Bug fixes/improvements every month. These are also input from the community.;)

Nuclear Dawn 6.2 - April, 2012

- Deployable Radar station
- Overall map graphics improvements (light,sun)
- Tiered Commander Abilities, Structure boost research, Player boost research
- Matchmaking support (mostly for new players) like Left4Dead 1 and 2
- SourceTV Support (preparation for upcoming Tournament mode)
- Commander Orders
- And of course bug fixes

This list will be updated/changed when we get closer.

27.03.2012, 18:28
Little update for 6.2. Don't know if Squad VoIP is possible in source, but they might add something that comes in close.

Nuclear Dawn 6.2 - April, 2012

- Deployable Radar station
- Overall map graphics improvements (light,sun)
- Compass (below minimap and in the map) - option to disable under options>other
- Tiered Commander Abilities
- Structure boost research
- Player boost research
- 'Play Now' feature (similar to TF2's quickplay) to fast join a game with players
- Game Guide added to main menu (linking to Wiki)
- Commander Orders
- Squad chat (separate Squad, Team and Everyone chat)
- And ofcourse bug fixes

This list will be updated/changed when we get closer.

31.03.2012, 08:13
Final Patchnotes for 6.2.

Nuclear Dawn 6.2 - April, 2012

New Features:
- Added new commander research items
- Player Boost I, II, and III
- Structure Boost I, II, and III
- Commander Abilities II and III
- Added support for giving default commander orders to whole team.
- Added support for squad-only chat (default I).
- Added new portable Radar Kit item for Support BBQ.
* Places on ground like ammo or health kit.
* After deployment, it extends radar range, uncovering units and structures in fow.
* Lasts after death, but can be destroyed by enemy (will disappear on class change).
- Added Play Now feature to allow quick joining into an optimal server, considering ping and player count.
- Added optional compass display to HUD.

Other enhancements
- Added Game Guide button to main menu.
- Added game instructor tip for transport gate teleporting.
- Players calling artillery strikes, rather than current commander, now get credit for kills.
- USE key can now be used anytime while inside of a transport gate, rather than needing to face it.
- Enabled server mp_unbalance_limit convar.
- Round end team swap notification is now more visible.
- Updated localizations.

Balance Changes
- Effects of armory research are now suspended if all of your team's armories are destroyed or sold (build another for all to reactivate).
- Transport gates can no longer be manually powered down to prevent griefing by commander.

All Maps
- Added/tweaked light glows and environment sun.
- Fixed several spots where the commander was able to build outside of the map.
- Improved guardtower collisions.

- Fixed getting stuck near the Consortium base.
- Fixed a few small issues throughout the map.

- Decreased HDR.
- Improved collision for the broken train.
- Fixed trains clipping through each other in the trainyard.

- Blocked ability to build structures on the ramp near the turbines.

- Fixed missing spot overlays
- Increased lightmapscales on some walls for higher quality shadows.
- Updated loading screen.

- Fixed not being able to climb on the ladder of the broken tanker truck.
- Improved bot nav mesh.

- Improved submarine bridge collision.

Other Fixes
- Fixed crash when changing certain video options.
- Fixed a case where commander would be unable to set a spawn location as default.
- Fixed thermal vision staying enabled when entering commander view.
- Fixed IP bans not applying to RCON access.
- Fixed case where armory research buttons could be mirrored on transport gate.
- Fixed players under hypospray effect getting healed by commander heal ability.
- Fixed REDs being undetonatable after ninth RED is placed.
- Fixed tutorial noting incorrect weapon slot key for sidearm.
- Fixed being able to use the command bunker console while in exo suit lockdown.
- Fixed possibility for teleport to send player to nearby enemy gate.
- Fixed issues with certain gizmos not functioning properly - Smooth Operator, Siege Specialist, Melee Specialist, Advanced Munitions.
- Fixed glitch on Career panel where gizmo tooltip could appear over top of Achievements or Extras tab.
- Fixed radar structure still functioning when powered down.
- Fixed being able to change class in powered down armory.
- Fixed being able to teleport from powered down tgates.
- Fixed always getting Playground Bullies achevement if clan set.
- Fixed Traitor achievement being unachievable.
- Fixed progress bars for Running Up and Charging In achievements being off by an order of magnitude.
- Fixed rare care where a player could spawn with partial hud and unable to move.
- Fixed viewpunch being applied to meleed teammates.
- Fixed round-end clan achievements not being awarded on enemy surrender.
- Fixed training graduate achievements not being granted - related achievements will be granted on load if you've completed the courses.
- Fixed Charging Up achievement using meters sprinted instead of meters ran.
- Fixed some achievement icons not displaying properly.

So how do the research boost things work:

- Commander Abilities 1: Research to unlock the first level Commander Abilities
- Commander Abilities 2: A moderate increase in damage, range and duration for Commander Abilities
- Commander Abilities 3: A substantial increase in damage, range and duration for Commander Abilities

- Infantry Boost 1: A slight increase in health and weapon damage for all infantry classes
- Infantry Boost 2: A moderate increase in health and weapon damage for all infantry classes
- Infantry Boost 3: A substantial increase in health and weapon damage for all infantry classes

- Structural Reinforcement 1: A slight hit point increase for all structures. Upgrades existing structures as well.
- Structural Reinforcement 2: A moderate hit point increase for all structures. Upgrades existing structures as well.
- Structural Reinforcement 3: A substantial hit point increase for all structures. Upgrades existing structures as well.

03.04.2012, 22:36
Update 6.2A

We are preparing a small update to version 6.2 (which was released last week) that should hopefully be ready before the end of this week, that will fix the following:

- Fixed crash in Commander Intermediate tutorial
- Fixed research not being recognized in Commander Advanced tutorial
- Fixed broken compass in training.
- Fixed a server and client crash relating to armory research.
- Fixed commander orders staying on team change.
- Fixed radar kit requiring line of sight to expose enemies.
- Fixed radar structure still functioning without power.
- Fixed rare case where What's New panel would spew console errors.
- Play Now is now a little quicker at finding servers.
- Research in-progress when last armory is sold/destroyed is now lost without refund.
- Fixed Points for Ammo/Medpack
- Fixed Oilfield getting stuck near helicopter
- Fixed some oddities with commander chat (some things not displaying).
- Fixed commander heal ability not healing.
- Added mention of backstab reticle change to Stealth tutorial.
- Updated localizations

and more....

This game has only Team VoIP now, but they might look into Squad VoIP

04.04.2012, 19:52
Final list for 6.2A

Balance changes
- Reworked ammo pack earned xp to not be based on actual ammo amount, unfairly weighting some weapons.
- Research in-progress when last armory is sold/destroyed is now lost without refund.
- Rebalanced Homewrecker and Siege Support gizmo effects.

Other enhancements
- Play Now is now a little quicker at finding servers.
- Added mention of backstab reticle change to Stealth tutorial.
- Updated localizations

- Fixed commander heal ability not healing.
- Fixed crash in Commander Intermediate tutorial.
- Fixed research not being recognized in Commander Advanced tutorial.
- Fixed compass not displaying properly on tutorial training map.
- Fixed a server and client crash relating to armory research.
- Fixed commander orders staying on team change.
- Fixed radar kit requiring line of sight to expose enemies.
- Fixed being able to damage own radar kits.
- Fixed radar structure still functioning without power.
- Fixed case where What's New panel would spew console errors when Steam site is down.
- Fixed some oddities with commander chat (some notifications not displaying).
- Fixed getting stuck near helicopter in Oilfield.

12.04.2012, 23:20
I've just bought this and will try to get some game time tomorrow and Saturday.

I also got 3 guest passes for 3 days free play. If anyone wants one send me a pm or message on steam.

13.04.2012, 00:25
got it now too.

Should have a moment during the next two days to give it a try :)

13.04.2012, 15:23
Update 6.2b

Specially for the Steam Promo day on April 12th, 2012:

Enabled double XP weekend, up to rank 15 (Thursday through Sunday, starts and stops at 17:00 GMT).

Other changes
- Added option to reset rank and stats.
- Manually powering structures off can now only be done when they're fully on, and on when fully off.
- Added rate limit to hypospray scoring to prevent abuse.
- Class ability on medic now always jumps to medpack.
- Updated localizations.

- Fixed a client crash related to commanding and in-progress armories.
- Fixed mouse sensitivity being stuck lowered until respawn after ending exo lockdown while aiming to side.
- Fixed further issues with gizmo selections not applying correctly.
- Fixed in-armory change to current already-picked class only changing gizmo.
- Fixed gizmo not being reset on class change if Customize panel wasn't used.
- Fixed some cases where holographic placement structures could become "stuck".
- Fixed being able to accidentally spend money on same research twice with more than one armory selected.

SteamBans support

Next to all the awesome things we are also proud to announce official SteamBans anti-cheat/blacklist support for Nuclear Dawn.
Steambans.com is a global banlist/watchlist made for the Steam technology from valve.
The team has guidelines for all admins under supervision to follow. All bans that are accepted will enter a database which then is used to protect all servers under supervision of the SteamBans management.

Server Admins check it out now (http://steambans.com/support.php?c=info&page=addserver)!

Update 6.3 May(List can change).

So, what's next in the pipeline? For 6.3 we are going to put focus on the new loading screens with cool information about the server you are connected to aswell as showing a minimap with the capture points. Apart from that we are going to add Squad Voice chat, throw that minimap behind the scoreboard when it's open and we are going to add support for Sprays. A small list of things so far:
New loading screens
Spray paint support
Allow commanders to spectate players
Fix Minimap showing behind the scoreboard (when it's open)
Squad Voice Chat :D
SourceTV (maybe)
And ofcourse we are focussing on bug submissions and suggestions for this release aswell.

As always, this list will be updated/changed when we get closer to release.
Once 6.3 is out we will focus entirely on balancing and bug fixing untill version 6.4, so no more new features untill we start with 7.x.

13.04.2012, 20:03
Went and bought it. Seems like the devs are supporting this very well. Will give it another go. :)

EDIT: Squad voice chat!!! Very positive development news. :)

13.04.2012, 20:46
Hmm....I will think about it.

13.04.2012, 21:40
Downloading it.

13.04.2012, 21:48
Me too, got an invite (thanks Retrokill), I did not like that much when I first played it, so I want to see what it is like now.

13.04.2012, 23:27
I have 3 invites if anyone wants one....3 day passes....

14.04.2012, 00:36
If they implement a squad-voip stucture this game has realy potential from what I have seen in the 2 hours I played it so far. There is potential.

I can't shake the feeling though that they built two games in one - with this massive importance of the commander playing C&C-Style ... Regardless, need some more time there :)

oh and before I forget - nice run with you guys today :)

14.04.2012, 09:13
Sorry I had to drop out last night, stuff came up.

I enjoyed the game though totally confused the whole time :)

There is potential here for a great game with the commander and troops relying heavily on each other. I will definitely be playing this again.

It's good to be back!

14.04.2012, 11:30
What the previous posters said. :)

I didn't notice any round timer. Is there one? I feel this game could use one as the destroying the enemy CO's bunker part is really tedious for both the attacker and the defender. I dislike the spawn in and die cycle.

14.04.2012, 11:41
Yeah, I think a medic revive system is needed....the clutter of icons on the screen is something that you get used to.....but spawn die is never fun :(

14.04.2012, 13:58
Confusing indeed. Will play it some more before I make any judgement on the game.

14.04.2012, 14:52
Game has a round timer. Can be set by the server. They are also looking into another gamemode, but that isn't out before june i believe.
(Just a random picture.)

I can put up a suggestion for the Revive on there Tracker.

14.04.2012, 15:10
Was fun rounds last night. Seems everybody is still learning this game. But it does have potential but it does need squad voip and revive. Looking forward to playing some more with you guys.

14.04.2012, 17:36
Ok, played it some more.

- That I have to re-install some webb thingy every single time I start up the game despite it saying that it's first time start-up thing (might be my computer though).
- CTD and alt-tabbing at random. The former is rare, it seems, but the latter happens a lot. Easy to alt-tab to get back, but it's annoying. Really annoying.

+ A LOT easier to understand all the bloody icons when your sober :p
+ Commander really have an crucial role
+ Fun classes with, what it seems, a lot of variation. Support seem to have a lot of fun tricks up their sleeves.
+ Voip is cristal clear for me atleast. Not even sure a game like this needs squad voip - might be to much?

Not sure about the revive to be honest, I know it's an reflex to want that after being spoiled in 2142, but the game is balanced without it. Not sure if that's needed?

15.04.2012, 15:20
Played a round last night after getting a pass (thanks again to Gorhaut and Big-eye) and I thought there was certainly potential; very objective-based and team based (you're not going to get far lone-wolfing in this game) and since it's not a big release it seems like most players want to work together and play the objective, which is good to see. Commo rose and VoIP is nice to have and it looks like CO role is not just a side-thought.

15.04.2012, 20:46
Here is a fast Tech-tree i made for Commander.
Here you can find more info:
Research Tech. (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/wiki/index.php/Research_Tech)
Commander Abilities. (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/wiki/index.php/Commander_Abilities)
Structures. (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/wiki/index.php/Structures)

16.04.2012, 00:32
Now that I have played it a little more, I have some more thoughts on the game:

It is good fun. I love the stealth-stabby-stabby-class. Fast as hell and it is so satisfing to stab a heavy in the back. Rushing from resource point to resource point and end up stabbing the commander in the back and quickly cloak out of there again. Good fun.

There is great potential for organised teamwork and tactics. VoiP - especially squad voip if they implement it - ticks yet another box and really improves the teamwork aspect.

There is great importance on the commander. There are certain pros and cons to it. On the plus side it is a vital position you simply can not do without and a demanding one. On the negative side of things you don't stand a chance without one and it is quite a complex role. It takes a lot of learning to understand what is needed to be done, and then how to do it.

Well the entire game is rather complex really, the vast posibilities within a class is evident of that. Also I feel that the classes are well balanced. There is allways a clear counter - or vulnerable spot that can be exploited to bring a class down.

However I feel that there is one major flaw in the game; and this is a biggy. I feel that a game is decided within the first 5 - 10 minutes. It is a bit like "the rich get richer". If you manage to hold primary for a little while in the begining and your commander knows what he is doing, you'll have structures up and running half way across the map before you know it. If your team is struggeling in the beginning it will be pretty much impossible to turn the game around. Even if in theory you would manage to take all the resource points back, the enemy team would have no problem takeing them back from you within minutes because they have spawn points all over the map; you don't have them simply because your commander didn't have the resources to build them. Might also be the reason why it is such a slaughter once you are pushed back to your main base; and it is only a matter of spawn-die-spawn-die until the enemy finally manages to take that bunker out.

It sort of spoils the relationship a bit because once you lost that window of opportunity, moral suffers and it becomes only a matter of "how long can we hold them off" instead of "what could we do to outsmart them and turn the tide?". It could be due to the "warfare" gamemode and the way it is layed out ... but it could also be a major flaw with the concept of the game ...

16.04.2012, 13:43
Yh I have to agree Big-eye, while I've not played a lot of this game at all, each one was either my team steamrolling the other or the other team steamrolling us. It doesn't really look possible to turn a game around when you start losing territory.

16.04.2012, 18:22
A good way to learn Commander is by starting a private server. After loading press the console key and type bot_quote 31 for 31 bots. Apply for Commander and start leading your bots.:D

16.04.2012, 18:44
Someone should learn to be commander. I would but dont have time for it right now. It would be great to see S7 member as commander and others fighting for him!

16.04.2012, 20:05
A good way to learn Commander is by starting a private server. After loading press the console key and type bot_quote 31 for 31 bots. Apply for Commander and start leading your bots.:D

I will do that!

Someone should learn to be commander. I would but dont have time for it right now. It would be great to see S7 member as commander and others fighting for him!

Tried that yesterday and it sort of fell appart lol!

I'll practice a bit as medic suggested with some bots :)

16.04.2012, 20:22
That was a great tip Medic, I will try that aswell. So far, it have felt a bit daunting to step up since if you, and you mess up - there is going to be a lot of sad teammates who will suffer for your misstake.

16.04.2012, 21:50
Somewhat has a lot to do with the team too....I played one round where there were a few people talking and asking for upgrades/structures to be built. the CO really relies on the intel from the team to keep him updated with where things need to be....

16.04.2012, 23:14
A good way to learn Commander is by starting a private server. After loading press the console key and type bot_quote 31 for 31 bots. Apply for Commander and start leading your bots.:D

For this to work, you need to a) enable console in advance settings, b) re-map the key for console (standard key didn't work for me atleast), c) "bot_quota 31" is the right command. Hopefully you won't be as flustered as I was when it didn't work at first ;)

16.04.2012, 23:49
For this to work, you need to a) enable console in advance settings, b) re-map the key for console (standard key didn't work for me atleast), c) "bot_quota 31" is the right command. Hopefully you won't be as flustered as I was when it didn't work at first ;)

got plenty of experience with console from CSS. It's a love hate realtionship lol!

But thanks :)

17.05.2012, 19:16
Update 6.3

New Features
- Increased rank cap from 60 to 80. Rank is based on xp, so some players may already be higher than 60.
- Added new team-based gizmos for levels 65, 70, 75, and 80. Whole team gets effect of highest level one equipped by any player on team.
- Added all new loading screen to show map overview, server info, loading progress, and game tips.
- Added squad-only voice chat (default is b ).
- Added ability for commander to spectate a troop.
- Added support for player sprays (can disable serverside with "sv_allowsprays 0" or clientside on Options -> Other ).
- Added new particle effects for medpacks, ammo packs, radar kits, and players with Nano Skin active.
- Added beta support for Source TV ( most things from here apply, https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SourceTV ).

Other enhancements
- Transport Gate teleport menu now auto-closed after teleporting (can be changed in Options -> Other)
- Scoreboard now shows above other hud elements.
- Added bots column to server browser.
- Added ach_headshot_progress client command to show detailed progress toward Headshot achievement.
- Added an error message (rather than silent failure) to show when server connection failed due to server being VAC-secured with insecure client.
- Removed cheat flag from server spawn time convars Tag with Play Now penalty will be applied if changed.
- Many engine stability fixes.
- Unlocked client viewmodel_fov convar.
- Updated localizations.

Balance Changes
- Added radarkit to Stealth Sniper kit.
- Adjusted damage dropoff factors for all weapons.
- Capped max resources at 250,000 to prevent issues when it gets too high.

Other Fixes
- Fixed rare occurence where player could be only half-spawned, unable to move.
- Fixed team selection panel showing at round start while spectating.
- Fixed issue where medpack would sometimes show clipping into view when spectating a Support player.
- Fixed some keys getting stuck in commander mode.
- Fixed "retry" client console command.
- Fixed rare grenade-related server crash.
- Fixed a rare listen server crash related to player stats.
- Fixed bots not showing in player counts on in-game status command and server queries.
- Fixed potential gizmo exploit.
- Cleaned up and fixed many console messages and errors.

- Fixed getting stuck at primary point.
- Fixed getting stuck on a corner of a building near the broken glass walkway.
- Fixed plants sticking through floor near CT base.

- Fixed getting stuck at primary point.
- Added additional no-build areas to avoid structure deployment inside buildings.

- Fixed able to deploy structures inside a pallet stack near Primary area.
- Fixed floating secondary point near EMP Base.
- Adjusted a few no-build areas.
- Removed the roof near the EMP base to make it easier to deploy structures.
- Adjusted secondary area near EMP to make more space for placing structures.
- Additional optimisation pass due the adjusted secondary area.
- Converted a physic prop to a multiplayer physic to improve performance.
- Fixed a few small issues throughout the map.

Known issues
- In-hand weapon model is not drawn in first-person spectate in Source TV.

New Weapon changes

One of the biggest changes to this update is an entirely new weapon damage model. We have listened to your feedback, taken into account your suggestions, and incorporated them with our own, and came up with a complete overhaul of most weapons in Nuclear Dawn.

To start with, damage output has been toned down by roughly 20% on all bullet weapons, in order to change the pace of combat, and give players more chances to react in a gunfight.

Secondly, the distance falloff system has been re-designed from the ground up. While the basic design concepts remain the same –some weapons will (and are meant to) be more effective than others over long distances – the way this is applied is completely new, and gives us much more control over the falloff curve.

Small, practical examples of this are that the X01 and shotgun no longer are sniping weapons, and that the way assault rifle bullets behave at long distances makes more sense.

We’re quite excited to see what you think of the changes, and hope you find them a further step on the road to awesomeness for Nuclear Dawn. If not, you’re wrong.

But we can talk about it, and keep evolving the game, as we have done for the past (almost) year.

Attached Thumbnails
http://forums.interwavestudios.com/uploads/monthly_04_2012/post-1-0-44683600-1334313792_thumb.png (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1205)

12.06.2012, 20:23
To celebrate Nuclear Dawn's upcoming June update, we have a couple of special gifts lined up.

To start with, there will be the patch itself, which includes buildable walls and barricades amongst other things.
Then, we're going to lower the price to 14.99USD.

And finally, because we really miss Christmas over here, we're also going to gift a copy of Nuclear Dawn to every one who already purchased the game.
That's right, an extra copy to gift to anyone you please on Steam. Go make some friends, so you can play together!

Update 6.4 (Not final)

As always a new thread with what's coming next for Nuclear Dawn. Version 6.4 will be the last version of the 6 series, making it complete and done. After that we will start to put focus on a new gamemode http://forums.interwavestudios.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png For 6.4 however the following things are getting a final touch:

Bot Improvements
Commander feature: Wall building
Main Game Menu changes
Offline Practice mode
Adding extra SDK Content (source files map, models etc)
SourceTV fixes
Bug fixing, tweaking and balancing

The Main Menu (not the one in-game!) will get a complete overhaul as we are going to make it easier, faster and better than it is right now, with some brand new options and more video/audio options than we have right now. We are basically going to sync it with what Valve is doing with CS:GO and L4D2, combined with ND.

Ofcourse, once we get closer to release this list might be changed/updated.

Attached Thumbnails
http://forums.interwavestudios.com/uploads/monthly_05_2012/post-1-0-83400100-1337684905_thumb.jpg (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1357) http://forums.interwavestudios.com/uploads/monthly_05_2012/post-1-0-38776800-1337684907_thumb.jpg (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1358) http://forums.interwavestudios.com/uploads/monthly_05_2012/post-1-0-41758200-1337684908_thumb.jpg (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1359)

20.06.2012, 22:36
Update 6.4 - June 2012

New Features
- Added new structures, Barrier and Wall.
- Added ctrl-click for building to allow immediate placement of another instance of same structure.
- Added offline practice mode.

Other Enhancements
- Updated main menu to be cleaner and friendlier.
- Added text on hud to show the effective squad gizmo, if any.
- Improved crash handling/reporting.
- Improved bot logic.

Other Fixes
- Fixed nano skin particle sometimes getting stuck on.
- Fixed radar kit appear at stealth sniper's feet.
- Unit group selection keys are now disabled in commander spectate view.
- Commander can no longer build when signal is lost.
- Fixed round end display showing level 60 for any higher level.
- Fixed more cases where a building hologram could get stuck on commander's screen.
- Fixed multiple issues with custom content http downloads on Mac.
- Fixed a common server crash that would sometimes occur on map change.
- Fixed being able to teleport to EMP'd Transport Gates.
- Fixed some map loading screens showing team bases swapped.
- Fixed some map loading screens having doubled, ghosted text.
- Fixed Squad-only Voice Comm in Options binding to regular Voice Comm button.
- Fixed rank names not displaying for ranks higher than 60.
- Fixed being able to build structures in the ground when commander clipped with world geometry in most maps.
- Slightly reduced the artillery damage to players
- Slightly reduced the BBQ impact on players

- Fixed benches disappearing in the metro station
- Fixed a bunch of see through chairs due fade distance
- Fixed clip brush on shopping mall roof blocking the player

- Fixed floating props on tunnel ramp

Authoring Tools
- No longer "Beta".
- Added Metro map source to sdk_content.
- Updated wiki link in launcher, added forum link.Attached Thumbnails

http://forums.interwavestudios.com/uploads/monthly_06_2012/post-1-0-02488600-1340191534_thumb.jpg (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1382) http://forums.interwavestudios.com/uploads/monthly_06_2012/post-1-0-76750600-1340191532_thumb.jpg (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1381)

03.08.2012, 09:13
Update 6.5 - Juli 2012

- The Gate (beta) map - winner Community mapping contest

- Added option to disable sniper auto-rezoom.
- Added sound to notify when a vote appears.
- Added community-contributed loading screen tips.

- Fixed gizmo effects sometimes taking a second spawn to apply.
- Fixed sorting in gizmo selection window to show the “no gizmo” option first.
- Fixed gizmo selection panel sometimes being stuck open.
- Fixed radar kit viewmodel not going invisible when stealthing.
- Fixed HTML server motd messages not displaying on Macs.
- Fixed What’s New update news screen not working on Macs.
- Fixed Mac http custom content downloads timing out when system is configured to use a proxy server.
- Fixed rank name for rank 58, “Lieutenant General First Class”.
- Fixed sound not playing for “Destroy” radio command.
- Fixed checkbox and radio button glyphs not displaying properly in some dialogs on Mac.
- Fixed Mac showing Half-Life 2 icon when running the game.
- Fixed numerous cases where a building hologram would get stuck on the build grid.
- Fixed issue with invalid build button grid and unbuildable builds when first selecting assembler, then selecting control group containing units that no longer exist.
- Fixed resource counter showing incorrect amount to spectators.
- Fixed “no commander” message always displaying to spectators even when spectated team had commander.
- Fixed issues with NX300 flame sometimes persisting too long in spectated view.
- Fixed a case where unpowered walls were not properly taking health decay.
- Fixed turret radius display being stuck on screen for commanders if leaving chair during first phase of build.
- Fixed radar kits disappearing on death.
- Fixed being able to move when armory class menu is open if scoreboard is also up.
- Fixed chaingun spinning sound persisting through reload.
- Fixed sniper overlay flash that would occur when using hold-to-zoom ironsight controls.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck on Consortium transport gates.
- Fixed some cases where the scoreboard or MOTD panel could show over top of the map load screen.
- Fixed hitgroups being ignored on in-chair commander for headshot tracking and armor calculation.
- Fixed bloodspatter not showing on in-chair commander.
- Fixed rare client crash when switching weapon.
- Fixed U23 grenade kills showing and logging as from P12 grenade.
- Fixed area in Oilfield where players could get stuck behind tanker truck near Empire base.

Update 6.6 - August 2012

- Play Now now takes into account servers that friends are playing on.

Bug fixes
- Fixed ranks 61-64 using rank 60 icon.
- Fixed a rare case where R.E.D.s could not be detonated.
- Fixed RED/grenade viewmodel still showing empty after going from none to some ammo at supply station or ammopack.
- Fixed supply station health count going down when hyposprayed players are near it (not actually using health).
- Fixed being able to spam ammo and health kits with secondary fire.
- Fixed commander Lost Signal when reentering commander view after leaving it with signal lost.
- Fixed a rare client crash that could sometimes occur when selection a bunker that had an assembler building.
- Fixed some issues with server browser column headers.
- Fixed resource point untouch inconsistency across maps. Tertiary and Secondary points all now slowly, rather than instantly lose capture when untouched.
- Fixed resource points sometimes showing as completely captured when not captured at all.
- Voice speaking display is now more visible in commander view.
- Fixed round_start not being written to game log.
- Fixed console spam when equipping Grenade Launcher with Clip Compressor II gizmo active.
- Fixed resource count being printed as "1,0" when count was exactly 1,000.
- Fixed some Russian localization issues.

- Added new nd_logic_custom ent to expose more things to mappers, allowing for more custom game modes (see Hammer for details).
- Added support for adding rocket turrets.
- Added new team-color map ping types.
- Various fgd fixes and updates.
- Fixed Consortium armory model in Hammer.

A special thanks to Spazzo and Juicebox for helping out on this one!

07.10.2012, 08:21
Little correction. August update was just a small update.

Update 6.6 - September 2012

Gameplay and Balance
- Slightly lowered NX300 damage output against players.
- Slightly raised Sonic Turrent damage output to balance with Flame Turret's extra fire damage.
- Lowered Machine Gun Turret cost to 2500.
- Commanders now get points for a critical assist if player-initiated artillery strike kills an enemy.
- Empire commander ability poison is now differently colored to distinguish between it and Consortium's.
- Commander poison ability now matches description and no longer hurts teammates unless friendly fire is enabled.
- Fixed NX300 not hurting teammates with friendly fire enabled.

- Updated Report a Bug link.
- Added invert mouse wheel zoom option to Options panel.
- Fixed bad password connect error box using lan server error text after a recent update.
- Fixed a bug that allowed malicious servers to execute restricted console commands on players.
- Fixed a bug that allowed malicious servers to prevent players from executing console commands.

- Added sv_allow_addon_override (default 0) to block client addon vpks from overriding game files.
- Added mp_winlimit cvar.
- Added sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds, to throttle clients from changing their name too rapidly. (Defaults to 20 seconds)
- Added check to prevent player names from containing color codes.
- setinfo console command will now reject attempts to set / change convars with any unusual characters
- Tweaked team balancer logic to be smarter about when and whom to move.
- Fixed some exploits where a malicious client could intentionally crash a server.
- Fixed typo in name of research_complete event; added research completion logging.
- Added rate limiting for connections and added the following convars, sv_max_connects_sec, sv_max_connects_window, sv_max_connects_sec_global.

- Fixed being able to use some weapons (mostly throwables) while on ladder or sprinting.
- Fixed in-chair commanders being unable to chat at round end.
- Fixed some issues with wall and barrier collision performance.
- Fixed a bug that allowed server browser network activity to continue after choosing a server.
- Fixed missing effect console error when reloading Avenger.
- Fixed sv_offline console error when going into Offline Practice mode.
- Marked mem_force_flush as a cheat to prevent client exploits.
- Fixed a packet injection exploit in the client/server streams.
- Updated localizations.

Mapping / Modding
- Added numerous functions to the vscript api (see https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/List_of_ND_Script_Functions).
- Added OnResearchUnlockedConsortium and OnResearchUnlockedEmpire outputs to nd_logic_custom ent.
- Added OnConditionAdded and OnConditionRemoved outputs to player. See wiki for value meanings.

- Fixed commanders being able to deploy structures outside of the level in some areas.

- Fixed commanders being able to deploy structures in the parking garage.

- No longer in beta.
- Updated overview.
- Updated loading screen.

Small update 2012-10-02

- Added an option to disable automatic minimap rotation.
- Fixed flamethrower hurting self when friendly fire enabled since last update.
- Fixed http downloads on Mac not sending an HTTP referer.
- Fixed a common server crash.
- Various other small stability fixes.

So What's Next For Nuclear Dawn? (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/topic/4673-so-whats-next-for-nuclear-dawn/)

Hello everyone,

You might be wondering.... what's next for Nuclear Dawn?
As always we cannot share everything yet, but we do share as much as we can with all of you.

Right now we are investigating a couple of things, apart from tweaking and bug fixing:
- Full gamepad support (including the menu)
- A New map: Mountainbase
- Adding custom map: Coast (http://forums.interwavestudios.com/topic/4314-coast/)
- Steam Workshop support (for custom maps, etc)
- Linux client support

When there is more news on all this, we wil ofcourse update this thread.

29.10.2012, 18:45
Update 6.7 - Oktober 2012

We will be updating Nuclear Dawn this week with the following changes.

Note: This week we will launch Workshop for all our current Nuclear Dawn players/customers and in November we will launch the Workshop public on Steam with a promo.

- Added support for Steam Workshop for maps.
- Added average player rank to server browser and Play Now calculation.
- Sprays and kit/gizmo preferences now sync with Steam Cloud.
- Improved alt-tab handling under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Other fixes
- Fixed occasional 'stuck' bug after spawning.
- Fixed ammo counter on daisy cutter for CT Assault & Support and Empire Support.
- Fixed ammo counter on CT Stealth.
- Fixed an issue where chat would not show to commanders until they clicked the chat box.
- Fixed crash on game launch if squad talk key is pressed during start.
- Fixed glitch where research-restricted kit could show as selected even if unusable.
- Fixed squad chat not working if mega menu was open.
- Fixed exploit allowing research/structure pre-reqs bypass for building.
- Fixed a con_logfile ConVar exploit.
- Fixed an issue with localization of disconnect messages.
- Fixed an issue with bullet particle effect on some weapons.
- Fixed command bunkers decloaking own team's Stealths.
- Fixed another joinclass command crash exploit.
- Fixed console error when reloading shotgun.
- Fixed some intermittent client and server crashes, including crashes related to multi-core rendering being enabled.

Community requests and mod support
- Added Sketchup Tools to ND Authoring Tools.
- Added a Reset input to resource point entities for map scripting.
- Changed Warfare win condition to All bunkers eliminated instead of one bunker eliminated by request for custom maps.
- Unlocked sv_gravity and cl_show_self_hypospray_effect ConVars by user request.
- Fixed further issues with load order between disk files, map files, and vpk files.
- Fixed bspzip'd map backgrounds and map scripts to be read correctly.
- Fixed vpk.exe always implying -M and -v options despite documentation.

Note to map makers: The preliminary version of the Workshop requirements for mappers has been posted.

Essentially, you just need to make sure you have a loading background and overview image made, as well as the script with map name/description and rts camera settings. They must all be zipped up into the map with bspzip.

29.10.2012, 18:48
Small update on november 9th.

Hello everyone,

With this post we want to send a message to all old and new Nuclear Dawn players.

November 9 we will lower the price of Nuclear Dawn on Steam, have a promo day with 75% off and we will be adding Team Deathmatch support plus lots more! Stay tuned and come play with us on November 9!

We hope to see everyone back in-game that day!

18.11.2012, 10:15
Update 6.8 - November 2012

- Added new Skirmish team deathmatch game mode.
- Added new Skirmish map sk_metro.

- Added nd_skirmish_limit convar for Skirmish team kill limit. 0 to disable and use only mp_roundtime.
- Added support to execute a cfg/gamemode_skirmish.cfg or cfg/gamemode_warfare.cfg at map start if existing.
- Added support to execute cfg/<mapname>.cfg at map start if existing after mode cfg.
- Skirmish mode uses same mp_timelimit, mp_winlimit, mp_maxrounds, and mp_roundtime variables as Warfare.

Other fixes
- Fixed spawning-related glitches that could occur if pressing spawn button multiple times.
- Fixed issues where server tags displayed improperly in server browser for some servers.
- Fixed average rank in server browser not always adjusting after a player leaves.
- Fixed an exploit that could allow a commander to use actions on enemy structures.
- Fixed a server crash related to bots.
- Updated localizations.

Workshop and custom content
- Skirmish maps are now accepted.
- Added sk_metro map source to sdk_content.
- Updated hammer fgd file with new skirmish and spawn point entities.
- Skirmish maps do not require rts camera info in map script.
- Skirmish maps do require spawn points for both Consortium and Empire are required.
- Skirmish maps may not have resource points. Structures will not spawn on skirmish maps.
- Map overview script is now marked as required for all maps.
- BSPZIP now auto-corrects slashes for internal paths when adding files to avoid confusion.
- Added -deletefile option to BSPZIP to remove files from bsp.
- Fixed client crash when loading custom map having description but no title.
- Fixed map loading background not being shown if vtf file was named differently than vmt file.
- Added support for bots in custom maps without structures or resource points

23.12.2012, 02:19
Update 6.9

Player Levelling System
- Added new player upgrades system utilizing round experience points to unlock upgrades.
*This allows players to individually get early access to their choice of upgrades, such as advanced kits or parts of Infantry boost without having to wait for commander to globally unlock.

Other Enhancements
- Added game controller support for game menus and in-game team/class menu.
- Reworked server browser panel based on player feedback, now able to show more information.
- Added positional audio support for Mumble clients.

- Fixed second control stick on game controllers not being able to look up/down.
- Fixed Mac issue causing text in many places to be cut off too soon.
- Fixed a client startup crash occurring on some Macs.
- Fixed a server crash involving R.E.Ds exploding in an area with enemy R.E.Ds.
- Fixed numerous display and number formatting issues on Career page for players with no xp.
- Fixed player spray preview image being too large or getting cropped.
- Fixed server browser server context menu being stuck on after right-clicking a server.
- Fixed a rare client crash involving the commander action grid.

Community requests and mod support
- Added support for custom maps changing the default rotation for commander camera.
- Added support for servers to download and update maps from Steam Workshop.

*. For FPS players there is a notification for when you have another upgrade point to spend. The upgrades give yourself effects that you can otherwise get from commander research and do not stack with commander research (it merely just gives yourself potentially-early access to whatever you choose). There are three tracks - Advanced Kits, Infantry Boost (Health) I,II,III, and Infantry Boost (Damage) I,II,III.

14.04.2013, 15:38
Update 6.9.1 (January 7, 2013)

This is a bug fix release:

- Fixed issue causing all players to be one rank higher than they should be.
- Fixed Advanced Kits not being selectable in UI when only unlocked via player upgrades.
- Player upgrades panel now caps available points displayed at number of upgrades available.
- Fixed some player upgrades triggering others to unlock.
- Added missing files causing player upgrade notification to not display.
- Severely reduced delay in round xp updates.
- Fixed Hammer startup issue.

Update 6.9.2 (January 25, 2013)

Full changelog:

- Added new contest winner map, Coast!
- Fixed grenade and R.E.D. damage going through some solids after update 6.9.
- Fixed Deep Blue achievement not tracking.
- Fixed Iron sight viewmodel disappearing when switching to and away from Weapon Stabilizer gizmo.
- Fixed weapon selection not closing when Support uses class special key to change weapon.
- Fixed crash when importing more than one spray image in the game Options.
- Fixed text on some commander action tooltips getting cut off when moving between action buttons.
- Fixed file corruption issues with dedicated server Workshop download support.
- Updated linux srcds_run script to use anonymous login for SteamCMD when updating.
- Fixed various recent crash issues with some of the Authoring Tools.
- Updated in-game and Authoring Tools Wiki links.

Update 6.9.3 (Februari 13, 2013)

This is a bug fix release:

- Fixed compass directions on Coast.
- Fixed crash or hang on startup when subscribed to Workshop maps that become unavailable (removed, hidden by author).
- Fixed exploit that could allow commanders to become invulnerable.
- Fixed a case where explosion damage could travel through structures.
- Unlocked mat_hdr_level convar for mappers generating cubemaps.

14.04.2013, 15:45
You still playing and enjoying this Medic? :)

14.04.2013, 15:51
Not as much as i used to, but i'm thinking of picking it up again. PS2 is fun, but to an extend.