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15.07.2011, 15:12
well, just caught the live feed at work about the lottery winners, they live in largs near glasgow.

Broadcast done live at a hotel in Falkirk (wooo another win for scotland :P)

Mr and Mrs Weir if i recall correctly, think they really deserved it and from what i saw on the live feed they were really good with the press, though the press were a bit cheeky about the carer issue.

So what do you guys think about that, if your reading this retro, what you thinking about another lottery victory for scotland eh? :P

15.07.2011, 16:02
Yeah, I'm happy for them. They do seem a nice couple.

Largs is just a few miles from where we were on holiday. Most of that bit of the country we were in has taken a big hit over the last decade or so as tourism and manufacturing has dried up.

I may start buying some tickets given our national luck :p

15.07.2011, 16:04
Heheh, i might buy a few myself, never really seen the point in it besides some random fun/chance now and then, who knows, maybe lucks returned to scotland :D


cheers for moving it too offtopic whoever you are.