View Full Version : [TUTORIAL] How To Fix Your VOIP of BFBC2 (Temporary Fix)

12.07.2011, 20:36
Hi other S7-People,

I found a fix/tutorial for the voip of bfbc2; so we can play without teamspeak.
It's temporary only, because bfbc2 changes the folder again if you play a new round.
So it works only for 1 round.
)Go to "My Documents"
)Go to "BFBC2" Folder
)Go to "GameSettings"
)Scroll down until the line: VoipRecieveVolume=0.~~~~~~
)Change it to: VoipReceiveVolume=0.~~~~~~

Restart BFBC2 and you are done; Some people will already know it, but not everyone.

1 thing: Know someone how to change a file, so bfbc2 don't change it anymore
Otherwise you need to change it every round to let it work again.


12.07.2011, 21:13
You can right click on it and set it to "read only"

12.07.2011, 21:21
Right click the file like jazy sayed and click properties. At the bottom click read-only.

12.07.2011, 21:29
yes, i know but It still changes it :(
It changes also the read only to not