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19.06.2011, 13:21
hi guys im having a few issues with my broadband connection with it dropping connection with out reason. I have changed all cables and micro filters aswell as another router yet i still the connection drops. i have conacted my isp and they did a line check and the is no fault on the external wiring

19.06.2011, 13:38
Did you try it directly on the modem.

19.06.2011, 15:48
my router is my modem everything goes through that its been fine since couple days ago could it be the socket itself as it an old style one

19.06.2011, 16:33
The advice i give you just now, is firstly unofficial, and secondly i'm not tooting my own horn here, i just happen to be lucky/unlucky enough to work for Sky.

If your having a broadband issue with your connection dropping, your first port of call as you've said is checking your broadband router, connectivity issues can normally be resolved with powering down your router for up to 10 minutes then powering it back up, usually trying to connect via ethernet (if you normally do wireless) to see if its a wireless issue with your router is another thing to try.

Secondly checking your dsl/tel cable to your socket with a spare (if available) is another thing, along with ADSL filter.

Lastly and this isn't recommended but can be a sure winner in determining a "ghosting" line fault with a router/cabling issue.

If your socket is old then you may have the option of unscrewing that socket and revealing another telephone socket and plugging in your ADSL filter there and see if it works(see picture below - also take care to not damage wiring if your socket is like this or similar)

If your socket doesn't have that beneath it then it's either not the master socket (check to see if you have another telephone sockets in your home) or that socket is indeed exhibiting problems based on age of wiring brought on by years of consistant use or sudden heavy usage.

If all of the above has been done/attempted and no change for the better is in sight, then getting back in touch with your phone line/broadband provider explaining the checks you have done will be your only option, at which point have them run another line test as a double check, if your provider charges you for repairing faults that are not from the test socket outwards to your exchange (UK providers much?) then it's your call on that.

Hope all this information has helped, again, all the advice is unofficial and if anything goes wrong (which it shouldn't to be honest) then you have followed it at your own risk :)


PS - this is assuming your within the UK....and that outside UK telephone sockets resemble this sort of setup.

19.06.2011, 16:39
i have done all the above already been on the phone to talk talk about hour ago getting another line check between 8 -10 tonight so lets see but the guy i was talking to said he was see connection loss as we were speak so hopefully they will fix it.

ps i only have one socket in the house and has no test socket thanks for the help Leonarrias

19.06.2011, 16:47
Have you ever changed the socket in your house? We've had all the downstairs sockets changed twice and it's basically messed up the internal cabling. This meant I have really unreliable internet on that line. Luckily when the house was being built we had a second line fitted, which is what I use for my connection. Never been touched and works perfectly.

19.06.2011, 16:56
All i can say to you is this from my POV:

If you have changed routers, cables....telephone cables...even filters and checked for a test socket and found none (old style socket) and their line testing finds no fault.

Then realistically getting BTOpenreach out shouldn't cost you anything, especially because the old style socket is their property (back of the wiring out to the exchange), so if you do end up requesting an engineer out after a line check has cleared it and the fault is with the old style socket, it is NON CHARGEABLE, because there is no faceplate for them to level blame on yourself.

Just a little bit of advice as i've dealt with a few ex talk talk customers about tech services with phone lines :)

19.06.2011, 17:15
thanks again will wait for them to call and ill get an engineer out if there is not fault on the line

19.06.2011, 17:20
Not a problem, all the best with that! :)

19.06.2011, 21:39
Try re-setting the modem, should be a tiny button on the back of it that can be pushed in with a pin or match stick, this will re set all the settings of the modem so you have been warned.

19.06.2011, 23:01
Hi Dan, you can also try to reset your tcp/ip with : netsh int ip reset, in command shell, and do also pingtest before and after. Could also be just corrupted stack.
With pinging yahoo for example you can possibly locate the problem, first 2 adresses are your computer and router and next, usually 10.xxx.xxx.xxx is your isp's
cable/dsl switchbox, high ping between router and box indicates cabling problem for example and high ping after their box means that they have some problems.

19.06.2011, 23:15
ahh yes maybe try open cmd and ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew.

20.06.2011, 09:03
just to keep you updated they did a line test last night but found no faults but the guy said it does mean there isnt a fault it just not come up this time. They always seem to do a line test when its fine never when it keeps dropping connection, but they did say it was very unstable as they could see the amount of disconnects they are sending out an engineer to look at the socket tomorrow. Thanks for the help guys

I tried most of that Aalio and MrMojay and it made it no better but the line has been stable for 10 hours now hope it stays that way

20.06.2011, 14:45
If you're with virgin media like me, then (in my experience) the best you can do is sit and wait it out.

They will give you a new router / modem combo thing though, they've been doling them out lately. We had to have one recently when we upgraded to their 30mb package as the old modem couldn't cope.

20.06.2011, 18:31
Virgin media wouldnt be through the phone line. It would go out via the same route as the Tv, which is why they have offered high speeds for so long, but now bt infinity is here, you should all get it.. I mean, No you shouldn't.. I want all that bandwidth to myself.. Fibre is much more reliable than flimsy tiny 2-pair phone wire. And costs the same(ish)

04.07.2011, 09:29
hi guys just to let you know i had bt engineer out today to finally fix my intermittent connection and he fixed it. He put a new socket on a proper test one aswell and he went to the exchange and redid the connections and they were starting to corrode so i play as long as i want thanks again for all the help guys

04.07.2011, 11:33
Good to see you back in action!!!

04.07.2011, 12:06
That's awesome news, had a hunch it would have been that! Hope to see you playing with us soon!

04.07.2011, 14:06
Happy days!

04.07.2011, 14:22
Good News :D

08.08.2011, 03:44
Ya try to reset the modem..:) It will work!

08.08.2011, 17:38
its fixed they had to up the snr or something like that