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25.11.2018, 12:09
Welcome you maggots.

If you want to join a platoon where you are considered a meatshield and ordered to follow the Squadleader, you are in the right place.:icon_scream: (j/k)

"We are a friendly and open, team work oriented community.
If you wish to wear our tags we expect you to be respectful at all times, play fair, be friendly to S7 and non S7 members alike and make an effort to communicate with your squad via VOIP, text, or com-rose."

For further information on S7 check out the following link:

S7 Ethos (http://www.sectionseven.net/showthread.php?114-The-Ethos)

You can find our platoon through the Battlefield companion app (you can find platoon in the bottom icons) or ingame (main menu click the upper left icon next to Battlefield V. This will bring you to a hidden menu).
Platoon name is Section7


It would also be nice to give a "who you are and how you found us" comment.

Now get your filthy grunt back in the game and have fun.

25.11.2018, 13:11
Go for it ! Donīt know how much text you can fit into the platoon page at the moment.

25.11.2018, 13:18
The platoon is already up. Same as Bf1. :icon_wink:

25.11.2018, 14:43
I know. I thought you wanted to edit it somewhat. :D