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15.11.2018, 14:42
With BFV out and looking like a potential teamplay title, remember to be friendly, use Voip when squading and invite potential talking teamwork players into Discord. :)

I'm not suggesting we're not doing this already, but thought to raise the point nontheless. :)

Now the thoughts:

From five hours of gameplay. I like the slightly slower feeling pace when compared to BF1 (or even BF4). I feel that you have to think about what you're doing just a bit more – in my mind this at least partly due to attirition and a bit faster ttk, when comparing to BF1 at least. So far I like the infantry vs vehicles dynamic. I think the repair monkey/top gunner is really important with the slower tank turret speed.

Guns feel good, as they did in beta. The first time I've actually enjoyed support weapons, other than shotguns that is. I also enjoy the new revive mechanics quite a lot. (Wish regen could be turned off, as we have those health stations around).

I've only managed to play half of the maps so far, but the ones I've tried have felt pretty good, with the Norway moutain map being my least favourite.

EDIT: Downsides and questions

Not able to change equipment or team midround? We had some really screwd-up team balances with Elvoy a few days a go – 37 vs 17.

Also it seems that I always spawn at the start of the round. Is it just me or has anyone else experienced this?

15.11.2018, 21:17
Ive had pretty good rounds all the way. Its been pretty balance and the rounds end with 5-40 tickets different.

I havent found a way to switch teams.

You should be able to change your equipment in the spawn screen by clicking your guns or equipments.

There is a autospawn at the start of the round. I dont like it. Maybe they are trying to get rid off afk players or people waiting to get to spawn straight to action.

I really like the game and hopefully we will get lot of people online tomorrow.
Still got those invites for origin access if someone needs.

27.12.2018, 19:42
If you feel like squading up, keep Discord open mateys!

Also, if I'm playing alone, I'll try to be in a private sq so that you can join in more easily (not counting the server full problem of course). We can then change game mode no problemo. :)

I don't want to play breakthrough all the time. :D

I noticed that I've played this for 184 hours (BF1= 76 h and BF 4=594 h). Seems I think it works.

27.12.2018, 23:38
One thing I would like us to improve.
Sticking with your squad mates.
You got your SL so follow him and keep with your squad.
Its too often when a squad member sprints for another flag and tells it when his halfway for the flag.
And you should protect/keep your SL alive. This is not a strange thing for us thinking back BF 2142.
I know I dont talk too much as SL but if I dont just follow me and stick with me. Ill let you know if we go for another flag or something.
We need to stick closer to another.

Have to say this one thing that Ive noticed with DEFR LOD. Their squads stay together so they can shoot enemies more effectively and revive squad mates.

So follow your SL and stay with your squad. You cant win the war on your own.
If your not me of course :icon_lol:

28.12.2018, 09:21
Know what you mean Fin. Do it myself sometimes also. Sorry for that in advance for everyone.
Biggest problem i have is to figure out were everyone always is. Sometimes it feels like someone is far away, but instead is next to you.

Stil good fun games and laughs.


It's below me and not blow me. :icon_mrgreen:

28.12.2018, 13:31
Good call, Fin. It feels like BFV has good flanking possibilities (due to there being no 3d spotting, better maps and so forth), so a fire team approach would not be bad either. Anyways, I might run off sometimes to plant a beacon or two behind enemy lines.

29.12.2018, 03:55
The numbers are troubling this far into it.....we'll see about all of the above...