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19.05.2018, 10:08
For anybody who is interested, I heard rumors it will be World War 2.


19.05.2018, 11:01
I hope it's not another "get your hopes up .... fail"

Fingers crossed for a great game again

20.05.2018, 10:53
You need more than fingers crossed. Bringing out the whole voodoo closet here and maybe some black magic. But i'm stil afraid that that isn't enough.:icon_sweatdrop:

21.05.2018, 12:24
I kind of believe we will find "our" games when we look to smaller, less mainstream productions...

21.05.2018, 20:37
DICE posted a tiny Teaser on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Battlefield.de/videos/1864013290323708/)

23.05.2018, 19:13
According to the count down timer on youtube this starts at 8pm Irish time(cause we is the center of the world and use real time), 9pm CET


EDIT: OK so it seems the count down timer was the count down to the LIVE video of the count down timer FFS.

23.05.2018, 21:39
It's World War 2.

They finally realized that PREMIUM pass splits the community.
Yes, they are ditching premium pass so the only way to earn new items and level up is to play the game.

From the stream/video it looks like 4 man squad :icon_crying:, but I cannot confirm that.

24.05.2018, 11:20
Soldiers can also fortify positions, much like FOB's in Project reality.

24.05.2018, 18:23
I pulled this from reddit. It's a rundown of all the features, that are supposedly in the game. Take it with a grain of salt.
Sounds quite promising, if true! :icon_up: ... and I highligted some stuff.

Battlefield 5 new features and gameplay:

WW2 multiplayer (France, Norway, Rotterdam, North African Desert at launch)
Coop + Singleplayer
Own Company of soldiers/vehicles
No Premium Pass
Fortifications in multiplayer (Vehicles and locations that you can build in a map, like foxholes, sandbags etc.)
Every class can build basic ----, support is the builder class (only class that can build offensive ----)
Attrition and Physical Interactions only. You no longer fully regen (stages), Everything you do in the game now requires an actual interaction. If you want to heal, you gotta walk up, press F and let your soldier pick it up.
Ledge grab requires a key-press. No auto-spotting. No more 3D icons.
Much less ammo for new spawns. (Attrition)
Requires way more squad play, due to attrition (run out of HP/Ammo very easily)
Revive in BF5 is not instant anymore, there's an animation now (low profile and can be cancelled at any time)
Ragdoll are server-side and you can drag the persons' head, leg, w/e and revive them in cover.
Any class can now revive your own squad (buddy-revive is WAY longer and doesn't revive to full HP)
Being "dead" lets you look around 360 degrees and call for help (sticking hand out)
Gunplay is COMPLETELY changed:
No visual recoil, unique recoil for each gun that is learnable and counter-actable
If your hand is on the trigger and you're facing forward you can ALWAYS shoot it. (one-handed vault over something, for example)
Movement completely overhauled. You can now dive left, back, right, etc. and you can stay on the ground and move + shoot (think Arma or Rainbow Six)
No Dolphin dive (you can't shoot for a "long time" after diving)
Crouch Sprint is IN
3rd person interacts with the environment (reeds will be knocked down, etc.)
Throw back grenades (even catch them mid-flight and also shoot them to explode them earlier)
You can tow things with vehicles (stationary AA-Guns, no longer stationary. And can also be used while driving)
You can tow a field cannon with a tiger tank
Revamped and way more drawn out. Shell inside the building = doors and windows explode OUTWARDS
If a tank drives through a building, the walls will crack and bend based on the tank, it won't just go through all the stages at once like in BF1
HEAVILY focused on teamplay/squadplay
New squad spawn system
Squad deploy screen (before tactical map deploy screen) you get a nice fullscreen 3rd-person preview of what that squad mate is doing, so you can make better decisions on when to spawn on them
Spawning on squad is quicker than tactical map screen
If you're the last squad member you get a notification, so you can hide to get your squad revived faster
Rewards for squad play are squad call ins, like squad-based point streak rewards, but ONLY squad lead can use those
Example: Rockets, Supply Drops, Smoke Barrages, Heavy Weapon pickup (NOT HERO pickups), Squad-Only vehicles. (Flamethrower tank, Tiger tank)
No behemoths or Hero classes
Large explosions can knock you over
4 Classes will return!
Create a soldier (then add them to your company, gender customization, etc.)
HIGHLY customizable class archetypes, with skill-tree type system.
Each archetype can specialize in something. For example assault: Anti-Infantry or Anti-Tank.
You can get Exotic archetypes, like the Paratrooper Recon, who is short-range, stealthy who uses a silenced weapon and silent gadgets. (Also perks)
You can change and add specialization trees, which are something like perks
Similar system for guns.
Each gun will have 5-7 elements, that are customizable that do NOT effect visual stuff. ONLY the specializations affect the stats
Tank/Vehicles have the same system
There are asymmetrical vehicle choices. For example Russians have weak tanks, but more. While the german team they're fighting against have stronger tanks, but less of them.
New 64-Player mode "Grand Operations"
Takes place over 4 fictional days. Each day is one full map and you always advance to the next day.
Different objective PER DAY. First day you might attack from an airborne position, trying to pick up explosives to destroy artillery. Second day you might breakthrough like from BF1, sac and capture flags.
Depending on how well you did the previous day, impacts the next day. If you only take out 1 artillery gun, there might be less respawns or less vehicles.
Day 4 only has a potential to be played. 'Final Stand' game mode. You spawn in with 1 life, with significantly reduced resources (like 1 magazine), you gotta fight to the last man standing to win.
The Grand Operations are super modular and EA can change stuff from day to day, like one day everyone spawns with 50% ammo, the next (real life) day, there's no tanks, etc.(edited)
All the logic in the game can be controlled server-side. No need for big-patches, more hotfixes
All new content will be free
New progression arcs are called "Tides of War" with quest lines and unique cosmetics etc.
Confirmed gamemodes: "Grand Operation", TDM, Conquest, Domination
Takedown Animations
Transport vehicles are live on the map
Combat vehicles spawn from Tactical Maps

25.05.2018, 17:59
Here's Jack's video on BF5. Seems promising. Still the age old wishes remain: larger squads and SL spawn. :D Fortifications *cough* PR *cough* Ten years ago *cough*.


25.05.2018, 21:04
I am hopeful that it will be good...that trailer however, is a stinking pile of !@#$, and makes me doubtful.

26.05.2018, 21:13
Let's hope they will put this in. Shame for the buyers, but atleast you can focus on the game.


02.06.2018, 16:05
Some more on Squadplay ... (https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/battlefield-5-deep-dive-gameplay-changes-and-additions?setLocale=en-us)

10.06.2018, 12:25


11.06.2018, 10:22
A new vid from Jack. Looks interesting.


11.06.2018, 19:16
Q and A with Westie and DICE Dev. Daniel Berlin-


13.06.2018, 19:46
More game-play.


21.08.2018, 18:22

22.08.2018, 12:06
All this supposed squadplay emphasis, yet 4 man squads- meh.

22.08.2018, 14:17
All this supposed squadplay emphasis, yet 4 man squads- meh.

My thought exactly. :D

22.08.2018, 19:47
Got the origin access premium so will be playing this.

29.08.2018, 17:55
More stuff. Still seems interesting. Now to wait on server information.


01.09.2018, 03:59
Can't hate for them taking their time and delaying the release......maybe


01.09.2018, 18:02
Open beta 6th September.


02.09.2018, 10:37
Beta Notes:

Squad Engagement Tempo - Peaks & Lulls
Using the Squad and it’s life loop as a base - we want to utilize all our systems to ensure engagements have clear beginnings, middles and ends. With the explicit goal of creating a natural place for our non-combat systems to shine in gameplay (things like Building fortifications, Buddy Reviving, Re-Stocking Ammo & Health Supplies, Repairing vehicles etc.).
For example: If you win the engagement fighting over an objective against one or more enemy squads, you should expect a brief lull in action before the next engagement begins.

03.09.2018, 15:58
You can download the open beta through origin. Just go to the BF:V storepage.

03.09.2018, 17:14
Hope to see many come out of the woodwork for this...see you on Friday.


03.09.2018, 21:03
Lets squad up and see how it plays.

06.09.2018, 20:56
So how is it?

06.09.2018, 22:31
So how is it?
All "4" of us managed to eventually join up and form a squad ((!!Origin is piece of crap!!)), then after a while the squad names on my screen kept flashing on and off, Medic ended up in 2 squads at the same time, I ended up in a squad by myself with myself???
It was all very disturbing :icon_scream:
I got VOIP working eventually, but then it stopped after all the squad warping shenanigans.
Some people take forever to die even though you are pounding their chest full of bullets??
When we were in a squad and could stay in it, we had some fun and some good close rounds, 4 man squad is too small.

Game looks "Ohh so Pretty" but it's no 2142 or BF2 gameplay wise. :icon_crying:

Will be playing more over the weekend.

07.09.2018, 09:10
So how is it?
It has a lot of potential. Let's put it that way.

07.09.2018, 11:46
Lets get more people online tonight and see how it plays out.

Must have been terrible for you Mo to have yourself in the same squad [emoji1787]

07.09.2018, 12:31
Must have been terrible for you Mo to have yourself in the same squad [emoji1787]

More terrifying for the enemy. :icon_scream:

07.09.2018, 18:31
I'm going to try and get online later tonight....but only if I can have a squad with 2 Mojays. Double the fun!

07.09.2018, 20:50
Got 2 squads going, need more meat sheil.... I mean team players ;)

07.09.2018, 21:20
Tooo sloooow download... Will try to get it running for tomorrow.

07.09.2018, 22:58
It wasnt too bad I know Billy loved it :icon_lol:

When they get the squads and voip working and get rid of the bugs it could be fun.

08.09.2018, 00:53
Game was unplayable for me. I rubber banded all over the map, especially when there was any action. When I stopped moving, my soldier would drift to the left.

Will try some trouble shooting and try again tomorrow.

08.09.2018, 13:41
I had a good time of it, really enjoying the beta so far.

I thought the gameplay was just the right tempo, the maps were fun with lots of avenues of attack. It was great to have a game of battlefield with some buddies again. (it's never the same with random players doing their own thing)

I'll give more feedback when I get more time in-game.

08.09.2018, 14:27
I'll be on tonight with kilcock feel free to join us or ignore us or shoot us in the back.

08.09.2018, 14:49
Shoot us in the back.

I think we can manage that. :icon_up:<3

I like the fact that you cannot spot enemies anymore, you can spot a location where there may be a threat, but there is no more enemies running around with doritos over their head.
If you get a recon in your squad they can spot enemies but as far as I know they only show up on the mini/main map.

You also have to think before you revive or reload etc as these things take time to complete, when reviving you cannot do it when laying down, if you try it when prone the animation
will always place you on top of the player as you revive them making you an easy target, there is talk of being able to drag a player into cover but I do not think it has been implemented into the BETA.

Voip is glitchy, but when it works it's good, we had an issue last night where jazy left the squad and voip stopped working, when he rejoined voip worked again.??

I am not loving the whole origin integration with the game, bring back the good old days of 2142 where you could just join your friend on the server from within the game and create a squad.
It's good that it keeps us all together from game to game as long as matchmaking can find a server with 4 empty slots on one side or the other, not sure how to get 2 squads on the same side as you
cannot switch sides in the game so may need to quit the game and join on a friend through Origin, or start on a mostly empty server and wait for it to fill up. :(

There was great squad play last night with some laughs along the way, some good close rounds and great teamwork as always from the S7 crew.

09.09.2018, 01:54
Been nice to play with friends, teamplay, all the way!

09.09.2018, 10:54
I wasn't having much luck at all with the medic guns, but I just found the upgrade tree in the [Your Company] section. Will give it another try tonight.

09.09.2018, 13:13
I went down the right hand side of the Sten tree Xianz7.

It makes the Sten bullet groupings much tighter and makes for more rounds in the enemy's face than drawing his silhouette

09.09.2018, 18:20
Thanks for the tips. I had some better rounds with 1er today.

09.09.2018, 18:45
I think the game is fun enough and probably most of the annouying bugs will be sorted out.

The question remains, how servers will be handled. If there are rentable servers with proper admin tools I might give them my money. If it's just out-of-control matchmaking I think I will pass this and wait what WW3 looks like.

10.09.2018, 21:18
Good close rounds again tonight.
Im really liking the game.
Got a new mouse today Logitech G502. Seems to suit much better for me and also dropped Dpi lower and shooting was much better.
Squads could be bigger but if we get 2 squads on same side and use dicsord for team chat it could be alright.

11.09.2018, 17:47
As far as I can tell the beta is finishing tonight at 10pm local time for me.

So I will try to get some last rounds in after dinner :)

11.09.2018, 17:51
Some information here. Seems the server rental system in the roadmap. Which means quality play will have to wait.


Here's some whining. LevelCap really seems to think that all the changes that force you think are bad. Not surprised really. :D (Although I think that you should start with one more magazine of ammo).


12.09.2018, 16:08
This I can fully agree with. :)


01.11.2018, 20:14
Looks interesting again. :) I would like see some size comparisons with previous BF maps. How do the large maps compare with Highway to Tampa for example.


02.11.2018, 23:04
Seems good cant wait to get some games with this.

03.11.2018, 23:03
Myself and Fin can start playing next Friday the 9th with Origin Access Premiere. Anyone else?

04.11.2018, 02:21
The BFV parlay-


04.11.2018, 14:47
Will probably wait until we see how the launch goes. I'll make my decision after that. At this moment I'm leaning towards purchase a bit.

06.11.2018, 09:43
There were rumours going around stating that the game was about six months behind in development - so it might lack some features at launch. That being said, the gunplay in the beta was quite fun and challenging.

06.11.2018, 15:49
Will probably be playing the 20th. Didn't do anything with EA. They can have my money, but not the full price.

07.11.2018, 16:20
Downloading it now so will be ready to play on Friday.

08.11.2018, 14:09
There were rumours going around stating that the game was about six months behind in development - so it might lack some features at launch. That being said, the gunplay in the beta was quite fun and challenging.

Really depends on the features. If lack of features means no deathmatch or battle royal like gamemodes or less than gazillion guns, I don't really mind. :D Also skins, medals and achievements are somethings that I don't really need for a fullfilling gaming experience (not saying I dislike them). The main feature we'll be missing are community servers, which I find hilarious as Dice has stated that they want people to enjoy BF in their own way. :D

I really did enjoy the beta though and I really hope that the game delivers. :)

08.11.2018, 17:54
....and it's already live for early access.

08.11.2018, 21:07
Played couple of rounds with Billy. Seemed pretty much like the Beta and I liked it. Needs a little more time to get to use for all the stuff but looks good.

10.11.2018, 02:37
Wasn't sure what I thought about it all until I just played the desert map Hamada. Huge and beautiful...wow- massive.

10.11.2018, 18:08
You know the beta didnt really do much for me....but after a few rounds last night and today im starting to like it .....like it a lot

10.11.2018, 18:25
I'll be on tonight, love to try out some squad action, get ready to build them barricades....

10.11.2018, 22:28
Good rounds tonight with Scullbergo and Elvoy. Very even teams. Feels like many of the rounds are very even and end with 20 tickets win. Thats good.

10.11.2018, 22:54
Seems I can send 4 invites to try out EA access and you can play access games for 7 days free.
So if oyu wanna try BFV or any other game let me know.
Here is a link to Monkeys forum where I found about it.

10.11.2018, 23:10
Happy to receive an invite mate! Can you PM me one?

11.11.2018, 08:38
You should receive an email.

11.11.2018, 12:51
If anyone else would like an invite let me know, I have 4 to give away.

Squad up with your buddies. Don't hit the front lines alone - up to 4 of your friends can redeem invitations to try out Origin Access Basic free for 7 days. With a Basic membership they can enlist for 10 full hours of Battlefield V. Invite your friends to join you in the fight today!

Time to invest in a higher capacity drive. :)

03.12.2018, 10:57

05.12.2018, 16:04
New delayed patch/content released today.


17.79GB :icon_eh:

05.12.2018, 21:50
EA seems to give a 50% discount on battlefield V till 20th december, if you own bf4 or bf1 allready. As I understood it, you just need to boot one of those games and will get that offer.
Got it from this website (https://mp1st.com/news/battlefield-5-discounted-by-50-off-for-bf1-bf4-owners-community-not-happy-about-it) and didn't test it myself. Maybe it's only regional.

<3 Greetings to all of you and have fun.

06.12.2018, 01:17
Nice one mate....good info...already have the yearly subscription.... but good info for the community either way

08.12.2018, 02:55
No custom servers as of yet, and squads that are too small but this game has whatever that "it" factor is. Jazy and myself have been adding a ton of randomly met awesome teamplay friends. The only thing left is literally for Silver to teach the young and dumb current DICE devs what talking teamwork is all about. A new generation they are, and they literally don't know....

12.12.2018, 23:18
This is horrid-


The summary- for the time being, use "Conquest Core" matchmaking to play with the existing ttk setup.

13.12.2018, 15:20
Just awful. Noticed that something was off when playing yesterday. Didn't know about the TTK change until Medic told me. Pretty much screws up the gunplay..

Now I'm just waiting for LevelCap to announce that this was the best update ever. :D

13.12.2018, 16:54
No words can describe what I feel about this. I'll leave it at that.

17.12.2018, 20:30
Hello Battlefield Community,

We’ve committed to giving you an update this week around Battlefield V’s TTK (Time To Kill) adjustments, as seen in last Friday’s letter to the community. After rolling out those changes last week, we’ve listened to your feedback, reviewed our statistical data, and have made the decision to return to the original TTK values seen at launch.

Our intent with the TTK changes was to see if we could evolve the Battlefield V experience and make it more enjoyable for new players, whilst also making sure the Battlefield vets have a choice with a more “core” experience suiting their preferred play-style. Clearly we didn’t get it right. Veteran players didn’t ask for the change, but as game developers, we took it upon ourselves to make those changes based on extensive data and deliberation. It truthfully wasn’t an easy decision for us.

It’s important to acknowledge that we have a challenge bringing new players into Battlefield V and onboard them to become more experienced Battlefield players. It’s been a challenge across our games for a long time, as many will know, and becomes even more important for us to improve upon our post-launch experience with consistent updates to the game through the Tides of War. Our desire to service a game that caters to old and new players will continue. How we get it right isn’t easy, nor will it be quick, and we appreciate when the community comes together and helps us on this journey.

We have learned a lot over the past week. We’ve gained clarity on the issues you’ve shared with us around Time To Death (TTD), we’ve identified imbalances in weapons, and have recorded real-world data on how TTK changes our game and impactS our players. With that knowledge we have a better idea of how to improve the game going forward, and have already begun taking steps to improve the experience for all our players, new and veteran.

Starting tomorrow, December 18th at 4am PT / 7am ET / 1p CET, we will revert the TTK changes to their original launch states, we will remove the “Conquest Core” playlist, and we will not introduce any new “Core” playlists as mentioned in last week’s letter. This will be a server-side update and does not require a client download. We’ll continue to identify how we can improve the Battlefield V experience and will have more information for you around those changes starting in the new year.

Thank you for your feedback and patience. We’re excited to be on this journey with you.

- The Battlefield Team

Here is the link to the actual post: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/171793/battlefield-v-letter-to-the-community-ttk-changes-reverting-tomorrow

29.12.2018, 19:18
Just a quick vid to show what an upgraded Tommy gun can do :icon_lol:


14.01.2019, 19:35
Interesting read.


Squad conquest sounds interesting.

Features two squads of eight versus two squads of eight.

Squad Conquest
A tighter and more intense version of Conquest, in Squad Conquest two squads per team battle it out over smaller, more tactical layouts of three existing maps: Arras, Hamada, and Rotterdam. These maps all feature 16 players on two teams, three flags, spawning restricted to HQs, and limited access to vehicles. Clear lanes and conservative combat areas allow players to predict where enemies are coming from, where they need to defend, and how to subvert enemy movement.

Available only during January 17–30, for now.
Looks like they are toying around with the idea of larger squads.

14.01.2019, 21:05
Not sure about the larger squads....

"Features 16 players total: eight players per team, broken into two Squads of four."


15.01.2019, 13:29
Not sure about the larger squads....

"Features 16 players total: eight players per team, broken into two Squads of four."


Jasus they changed it since I posted, got this quote from their website...

Features two squads of eight versus two squads of eight.

Not interested so, too small....Grrrrrrrr :icon_scream:

15.01.2019, 16:49
It looks like the patch is out... 19GB

15.01.2019, 20:24
Jasus they changed it since I posted, got this quote from their website...

Smoke and mirrors Mo.... the bastards!!!

23.01.2019, 22:40


Dan Mitre talks about why there's no RSP news-

"In regards specifically to RSP, I'm going to keep it simple. You haven't seen an update in our direction with RSP because we haven't made a full decision internally whether or not we can deliver it.

RSP needs to meet standards and your expectations with the tools we provide - that takes development resources. It also needs to make economical development sense - we can't introduce a feature that ends up costing more to keep maintained than it returns (I know that statement will open up more debate, and I encourage that, but this is the reality of the situation). In other words, we don't want to impact development resources of main game Quality of Life commitment and upcoming content by routing team bandwidth to RSP development. There's also financial implications here that go well beyond my remit. Let's tackle the former before we tackle the latter.

That said, is RSP off the table? Not at all. Our teams need to weigh this carefully and either commit fully to the service or not provide it at all - and you need an official statement on what that decision is once it's been made."

25.01.2019, 00:38

13.02.2019, 17:57
There's a new patch out. One of the changes is improved visibility, making the game feel more polished.

14.03.2019, 17:34

03.08.2019, 21:27
BF friend of mine killed it with this one-