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24.05.2017, 20:48
DEFR has started the NOTLD Night of the living dead.
Seems like they are doing it twice a week BF4 on Fridays and BF1 on Sundays.
Ill try to join some of these and wouldnt mind if we get a S7 squad going. I should be online this Friday.
Same as before I think join DEFR TS before it starts. It should start at 20:00 GMT.

27.05.2017, 15:08
thx for the heads up fin! no bf4 installed at this time, but bf1 is still on the hard drive. Might be worth trying, I am craving for S7 teamplay :)

27.05.2017, 19:52
There were some good casual rounds last night nothing competitive. Im on a cruise with my family from Sunday to Tuesday so cant join this Sunday. But will try to be more active and join at least these events.

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28.05.2017, 13:18
Thanks! I'll try to join when i can too!

16.06.2017, 16:45
Will try to hop on tonight if there is any action left in bf4

16.06.2017, 20:08
Summer cabin season started for me so might not be around on weekends

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14.09.2018, 03:07
Does this still exist ?

Now that I have the expansions for free I'm getting into this :)

14.09.2018, 11:49
Its LOD these days and BF4 is every Friday but nothing on BF1.
But you should join BF4. There are some great rounds usually.
It starts at 20:00 GMT and you should be on teamspeak before that.
Ill try to join today.

And we can do BF1 after that :icon_lol: