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28.04.2017, 16:17
For what its worth, I´d be happy if we had a S7 platoon in bf1. Anyone feels like setting it up (Hablos, OneEar?)

28.04.2017, 20:24
Kids have most of the time control over the PC, so didn't have much time looking into it. Is there an easy way of putting the BF4 platoon info into BF1.

28.04.2017, 22:45
I can take a look today/tomorrow.

29.04.2017, 04:17
BF1 Platoons with l3illY NSFW!!!!!!!


29.04.2017, 06:08
Help for the uncertainty


29.04.2017, 07:47
Have created one, but will have to look into updating it. Only way i can access it is by phone at the moment. Platoon won't show up on PC.

Edit: Think i got it working. Was a pain in the ass to get the platoon emblem, but found some tricks.

Platoon: Section7

29.04.2017, 11:59
thx medic and hablos, have applied :)

30.04.2017, 19:23
Thanks guys for setting it up. Applied.

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25.01.2018, 15:33
I guess the game is more or less dead and consequently I uninstalled a while ago. Just realized I was one of the platoon managers. Not sure if there´s an active S7 left who takes care of applications and stuff and even less sure if that would be necessary anymore, but I thought I let you guys know anyway that I´m not checking on that right now.

25.01.2018, 15:46
No worries, same here.
Think that game has died a long time ago. The new Battlefield will be also announced this year i believe. It should be Bad Company 3.

Still waiting for a true Battlefield game here.