View Full Version : New Ticket system

03.09.2016, 18:21
So it looks like they changed the ticket system so that all that matters is capping flags, there are no loss of tickets when you are killed and the points count

They may change it back depending on feedback.


Not sure how I feel about it. :icon_stare:

05.09.2016, 22:04
The new ticket system, brings a lot of focus to capping flags, defending and capping are the most important thing to do now, which makes things quite interesting.
You can still "bleed" the other team by capping all or most of their flags and deaths do not matter to the ticket count.
Obviously if you die and your squad mates die on a flag you might lose that flag, which adds to the other teams tickets.

Still not sure how I feel about it. :icon_stare::icon_exclaim:

08.09.2016, 22:24
I feel that this really takes a lot of the end game strategy out of the game. Also, I feel that this change in the ticket system also makes certain game mechanics pointless. Why even call for a revive, or revive another player if it does not make a difference in the overall game?