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31.08.2016, 10:20
Just so that we can get any and all of the opinions in the same thread. I'll just start with my initial impressions:

For now the game seems a tad slower paced than BF4 which I like. Probably due to running speed, bolt action rifles etc. which force you to think a bit more. I also like the settings and the gameplay reminds me somewhat of Forgotten Hope mod for BF2 – this might be because of the Beta map and those bolt actions once again.

These things I didn't like but I will probably get over some of these issues after playing a bit more when I get more used to the gameplay mechanics. The compass and minimap seem very cluttered as you have the flag icons mixing with the compass direction markers. I feel it is sometimes hard to tell the directions from the clutter. I would have preferred a compass on the top of the HUD. The gunplay seems annoying and in this I agree with LevelCap. The bullet flight path seems pretty random some times and no amount of tap fire seems to help. The sniper rifles seem to be the only weapons which actually send the bullet where you aim. Intially I also dislike the new conquest mode as there doesn't really seem to be any reason to revive. Funnily enough the emphasis on the capping flags also seemed to make defending a bit useless, as it felt much more efficient to move on and cap flags.

01.09.2016, 11:37
Agree with Hablos. Take a fast mover with 5 guys in it, don´t stand still, avoid landships and run from flag to flag to cover. Nets you MVP and boosts the teams chances to win enormously. You will end up with 0 kills and a couple deaths. Like a driving simulator :). Playing with medic you get way less revives than in BF4 and I often find myself pressing space to skip revive instead of hoping that maybe some medic in 10m distance might consider moving his ass over to you. But I really would like ticket based inf maps in the game (no flags whatsoever or maybe just one in the middle, like koth). Think that could be fun. And either my aim sucks severly (which it does I know) or its very hard to land shots with the semiautatic medic rifle.


01.09.2016, 12:28
Playing with medic you get way less revives than in BF4....
Took me a few seconds to realise you weren't talking about our Medic. Medic is a reviving machine. :D

Thanks for posting your reviews.

01.09.2016, 15:15
For me it stil feels good.

- The medic class can see you also on the field with a marker. Also the reviving time feels good (although lower than Alpha), but that can be because of people skipping revive. You must remember that you won't go into battle quicker this way. You only go to the spawnscreen and have to wait before you can rejoin.
- Defending a flag can also help if you have a good team that can cap flags. The more flags, the more points. The kill ticket may be gone, but you stil have some sort of bleed.
- But most of all i like it that you can't get stuck on a low wall anymore.

01.09.2016, 16:19
Btw there seems to be a bug in the Beta, which prevents you from ranking your classes and getting the unlocks.
Basically you rank your soldier, but the classes stay at "0".

There is a work around: Switch server after the first and every following round. For us - as a teamplay community - that's especially convenient ...

01.09.2016, 17:26
Have EA/DICE been acknowledging any shortcomings yet? Or do you folks get the impression that not much will change now?

01.09.2016, 18:03
^ They've been busy dealing with the DDoS attacks... : D

01.09.2016, 21:01
Thoughts after the first couple rounds.
Like I said before I like the old guns bolt action stuff. Also the atmosphere was really nice.
Had some problems joining and joining a squad.
Like Hablos didnt like the compass.
But have to say its a nice change for the modern shooters. I dont pay too much attention to little details. As long as it works fine and the game is playable and have some friends to play with Im happy :icon_lol:

02.09.2016, 10:31
From what I've seen I have a couple of observations:

1. Sub-machine guns seem far too prevalent for the time period; they would have been very uncommon?
2. Where's the trench warfare? WWI was a lot of rushing at the other army and ending up dead en masse

Of course it has to work as a game, but some anachronisms here for sure!

03.09.2016, 00:46
Second gaming night of BF1:
- Got some troubles with spawning with an empty load out. No guns no anything. Fixed it with changing the server. Seems like a common bug on the beta. Some have fixed it by buying the guns from the customize menu even though you shoulndt need to.
- Couple of normal crashes.
- Pretty bad aiming but that could just be my skill

Gameplay was fun but getting tired of the 1 map.

03.09.2016, 01:08
Yeah, when I saw videos from Gamescom, I was disappointed they had chosen a sniper friendly map for the Beta. Rewarding campers, for the loss. For now there have been plenty of Battlefield moments to make it worthwhile despite the shortcomings. That will change when hacks are more prevalent. Fun for now though....

03.09.2016, 17:15
I have began to warm to this title a bit. Probably due to the more uncommon settings, which was the main reason I liked 2142 so much back in the day. The unrealism doesn't bother me as much as it would in modern day settings.

I have also gotten somewhat used to the weapons. The fact that they are limited by their usefull distance doesn't bother me too much anymore. One could argue that it lessens the skill needed to play, but you also need skill to recognise the right engament distances. The tanks seem a bit meh and as Ark said yesterday the usefull use of them takes too many boots from the ground. The Beta doesn't have joystick support so there is no way to know how the planes really work – Fixed wing aircrafts are such a pain with mouse and keyboard.

Additionally I like the fact there are no lock-on weapons etc.

I also dislike the current conquest mode and the fact that it's limited by a timer of 20 minutes (at least in the beta). It would be interesting to see how the game plays out in classic mode. I'm not sure if the game has longevity even with the novel settings. Also not sure if this will be up to par with BF4. Feels better to me than BF3 while BF2 and BF2142 are rather hard to beat.

With this said, I will not get the pre-release. I will likely wait for a sale to come up.

04.09.2016, 11:47
TBH, that recognise the right distance comment is not really that true, to cap the flags you have to be in CQB which means assault rains supreme. Same time, if you want to go from a flag to another, good luck surviving the snipers camping on the hills taking you down. Medics are not doing their job EVER, I could count on a hand how many times I've been rezzed so far in Beta. Tanks I dont think even need mentioning as the Light tank is a point-scoring-kill-whoring-mvp-machine, Landship is the same thing but even buffed and the heavy tank is the only one who might not be that great, however, he takes almost no damage from whatever you throw at him.

That being said, I've been enjoying the beta. Using the m95 gewehr in CQB is a lot of fun and rewarding.

04.09.2016, 16:59
I wasn't referring to the distance in which a certain weapon might be used, I was talking in a more general sense of getting used to how the weapons perform – all thought one could argue that bringing the right weapon to the job at hand is skill in itself and that the assault players should be the ones doing the assaulting while the snipers cover. In other words, play your role. ;) This is also a map design question. I do agree the beta map has a bit too much open areas where the snipers can get annoying. It would be nice to try out how much smoke grenades obstruct vision with different graphic settings. If moving with smoke is viable, I have no problem with snipers. That's what the smoke is for after all. With that said, I do think that some of the weapons seem quite useless due to the random nature. The medic autos come to mind as they are not really any good at any range.

I agree with the revive situation though. There should be a better visual indicator for downed team mates. The press button to alert medic isn't good at all. You could get more random revives with the previous BFs but it depended on the servers you played in. The old conquest ticket system might make medics more usefull and people might pay more attention to revives. In teamwork BF4 servers like MG, DEFR, TG etc revives would be a natural occurrence, but not as much in the majority of servers (this is of course my subjective feel in the matter).

I think I read tweet by someone in Dice informing that the light tank will be nerfed somewhat for the final release. Personally I wouldn't do it as a squad working together can take tank down fairly quick anyways and I feel that tanks should be inspire terror if you don't have the right tools at hand. I think it's a positive thing that you can't solo a tank down as easily as in BF3 and BF4. You don't need too many shots when two guys are using the rocket gun or field artillery. I think that one of the reasons why the tanks might seem a bit op now is that many players use the 3rd person view operating them. As far as I'm concerned this is very gimmicky and should just be removed from the game all together. Hopefully we'll get a classic mode where the 3rd person view is turned off. :)

EDIT: I wonder if BF1 will have some cross class weapons like the carbines and dmrs in BF4. This could help with using different kits with more options on how to approach different situations.

04.09.2016, 17:32
I would even argue, that the tanks are much weaker than in BF4.
In BF4 a tank crew was able to repair and shoot back while under fire.
In BF1 there is no repair while under fire and if you repair, you are not able to shoot.

The tanks only seem a bit over powered on this map due to the open ground and destructability of the buildings.
Also people just don't have the antitank weapons for the different classes unlocked or are not aware of how to use them.
... and general lack of teamplay on public servers of course.
You would have a hard time in a teamplaying environment like the MG server to keep your tank alive longer than a few seconds ...
If a coordinated infantry squad sets their mind to it, you will go down. The nerf is totally unnecessary imo.

04.09.2016, 17:56
You're assuming that tank squad is full of pubs who dont communicate. The landship tank is a 5 seater, so the whole squad, with two cannons and three machine guns. Try to shoot it from any direction and they have defenses there. I mean, there's easily enough vehicles in the game atm that every single person can get into a vehicle at the start of the match if correct vehiecles are used.

04.09.2016, 18:54
4 snipers and a medic can pretty much take down a landship with the rocket gun from long distance and theres little the poor tank can do but hide. And the planes can harress vehicles too

04.09.2016, 19:07

I would allways prefer a LAV or Tank from BF4 to the landship or any other vehicle in BF1.
You got 2x 360° turrets to fire your main weapon plus the gunners MG. Then you've got your secondary weapons (e.g. Tow + incendiary).
Then there is the possibility to equip an infantry radar. As a cherry on top you've got active protection (which I allways try to pop in BF1 :icon_lol:).
Not to mention maneuverability. Tanks in BF1 are snails ...
And of course the before mentioned ability to repair from outside while under fire and to fire back with your main gun.

All in all, BF1 vehicles are weak sauce compared to BF4. (Which btw is fine for me.)
That call for a nerf from the wider community is ridiculous imo.

Edit: And what lobo said. You do not even need Assaults to take them down on distance (or at least surpress them).

04.09.2016, 21:35
About the revives.

I find it ok for now. You can see skulls on the minimap for killed teammates. If you are close enough (small map should be) you can get the revive.

05.09.2016, 12:25
Agree with medic, you can revive people easy enough and theres no charging time. But getting revived by a random blue almost never happens, although there´s often loads of inf around you. In BF4, those ticking revive counters above the fallen comrades were a constant reminder to get the defib out :).

@ arq: what starts to worry me are the possibilities with an attack plane with tank hunter setup. Give a good pilot a joystick setup and you could call it an op tank gun that sees the battlefield from above and is super fast. I guess thats gonna be the bigger problem than the armor...

07.09.2016, 19:41
The Beta ends tonight peeps, so if you're unsure, suddenly get SURE NOW OVER!

07.09.2016, 22:36
The Battlefield 1 Open Beta will end on Thursday, September 8
Battlefield 1 launches worldwide on October 21.

13.09.2016, 09:36
Remember to fill the official Battlefield 1 Open Beta Survey if you haven't already. Don't know if it will do any good as we're so close to release but it won't hurt either.