View Full Version : Vehicle Play in BF1

12.07.2016, 14:49
Basically, how do you think that BF1’s vehicle play will work on the future MG/DEFR servers?
With the lack of FLIR/IRNV crutch and the fact that there’s no “triangle shooter 4000” mechanics or 3rd person camera I think that vehicle play will finally take quite a bit of skill to pull off well and maybe even impossible to pull off like in BF4.
With the squadplay system that’s on MG server meaning that squads (hopefully) communicate, you might be able to take a tank down before he can see any of you as the First person cam looks like a really low FOV from the footage I’ve seen so far.
Any opinions?

12.07.2016, 15:37
It plays like we are used too. In a vehicle you need to be aware of your surrounding and you need to communicate with your squad.
If in BF4 you rush in you will die. Same for BF1.

13.07.2016, 08:35
oh that´s why I always die... but I also have lots of fun on the way :)