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John CANavar
17.05.2011, 13:15
Coffee break... Have a few minutes to visit the good old friends so here is something I was thinking a few days ago.

You may remember that we had well-established and game-adapted squad operating procedures back in the days. So I was asking myself "Which concepts/procedures would you take with you if you were stranded on an island?" And I guess "Pointman" concept is one of the most essential.

As you know and practice, it is keeping a team member always in sight with a safe distance (=Santa cannot knife both of you at the same time) and following his lead. This is such an effective teamwork element that it even works in very high-paced games and with pubbies. Yes with pubbies... I choose a random guy and follow him to the hell and my chances of survival significantly increases unless he is a kamikaze type total dumbass :) Principle is simple: when we encounter enemy, we both see him at the same time. So he has to choose a target, while it is not a matter of choice for us. So one of us will most likely survive unless the encountered bad dude is an "awesome" shooter. Since I am usually the uglier (=secondary objective) one of the pair, I find myself staring at two corpses when we have such collisions.

Of course when the selected pubby who is completely unaware of this mutualistic relationship enforced on him, spawns on a different spot instead of choosing his trusted "I got your 6 bro" partner, I go back to the darkness of "solo" playing once more but in this time with a vindictive spawnee (is it a word? I like it nonetheless) from the last encounter coming after me with full rage. A shooting session ensues and while waiting the spawn counter to pass, the same words come out of my mouth "Loser... If you spawned on me, we could continue our merry ride along the smoking trenches of the battlefield universe a bit longer"...

So... The pointman concept... To my experience, one of the most essential teamwork procedures. Simple to execute, hard to master.

Teamwork is addictive... There is no going back once you taste the feeling and see these basic principles such as pointman, interlocking fires, bounding, covering and formations in action.

So which one is yours?

17.05.2011, 13:55
I've actually found myself doing this on disorganised servers but didn't know there was a name for it :) I generally carry the medic kit so my defibs usually keep my host in front.

I like the "if-they-can't-see-you-they-can't-hit-you" method of crossing a map enabled by spamming smoke everywhere:icon_lol:

John CANavar
17.05.2011, 14:24
I like the "if-they-can't-see-you-they-can't-hit-you" method of crossing a map enabled by spamming smoke everywhere:icon_lol:

Ahhh... The concealment. Another essential survival tool. Isnt it amazing when you hide in a bush and bad dudes all run by and you choose which one(s) will be your next victim(s). This of course requires a "run to the hills" escape plan thanks to the joy-killer "death cam" ruining your concealment in BC2 :P

17.05.2011, 17:11
For me its communication.

Important, precise and usefull information is key for me ... I'm asking a lot ... I know lol :D
But it's probably the reason why I talk so much ingame. (too much uh?)

But I remember a time when I was sitting in a jungle along with two others and one of them announced "I saw something moving by that tree over there" ... :icon_stare:

Same situation with two other guys alongside me: "Had a hostile assault moving for the objective from the big, massive rock" ... yay :icon_lol:

17.05.2011, 18:09
Communication and intel for me

Recon balls, q spotting, IDS and verbal intel all make my mental picture. Helps a ton in a hectic firefight.

18.05.2011, 17:33
But it's probably the reason why I talk so much ingame. (too much uh?)

Not half as much as me hahaha, I probably get a little bit over the top with my constant "intel" x]

|TG-1st| Grunt
18.05.2011, 20:27
The ability to react to contact in a cohesive and effective manner. Bringing fire power to bear in an effective manner with the weapons you have at hand. If everyone is on the same page this is pretty hard to beat. Sadly...it's the "if everyone is on the same page" element that is so often lacking...

18.05.2011, 20:57
With reference to BC2, the simple act of saying "tank traced" can be powerful as the squad can put away the tracer guns and bring out the big guns. No point having people trying to trace a tank that is already done :)