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John CANavar
17.05.2011, 09:45
Gents, what`s the current status of BF: BC2 @ S7? How frequent you guys play it? Typical time and place (server)? My trigger finger is itching and I was wondering if someone out there can help :cool:

17.05.2011, 13:21
I would say Friday nights are the best time. I'm usually around once I get my kids settled for the night (generaly after 9 GMT).

Check Steam and TS to see who is around. You can also post here (http://www.sectionseven.net/showthread.php?37-I-wanna-game-with-my-buddies-now-!!!).

At the moment we generally just look for a low ping server that can accomodate the number of us online at the time. With this game, what can be an awesome server one night can be abysmal the next. Personaly I usually start off on Timeless or Pure Bedlam servers as they generaly have a decent admin presence. The latter is a no rules server but the standard of play is usually good.

John CANavar
17.05.2011, 13:26
Great ! Thanks for the info retrokill. This is actually the most convenient time spot for me so I`ll be looking for you guys on this Friday. Now I just need to remember the button assigned for shooting the bad guys :P

17.05.2011, 14:41
Yep, Friday is my designated game night although I am usually to be found playing most other nights too :p

|TG-1st| Grunt
18.05.2011, 20:20
Will be looking for you all on Friday on this title. Gonna take a nappie to make sure I have plenty of rest...will look for you on the S7 TS server.

Gave it a whirl on the TG server for about 2 rounds but didn't make it into a quality squad so I lost interest fairly quickly. Looking forward to pairing up with some good teamplayers. I'm so a noob on this game...

30.05.2011, 19:05
Your Euro Friday nights are my Friday days (Ottawa, Canada GMT -5) so be sure to give me a heads up when you are jumping in for some BC2. I do not normally play during the day, but I can make the occasional exception.

John CANavar
31.05.2011, 18:12
Yep, for you and Grunt Euro nights are Euro noon/afternoons. When you give a break to writing, you can join us :) How about you Grunt?