View Full Version : [TUTORIAL] A quick guide for the medic class.

08.05.2011, 11:35
Medic roles
Primary responsibilities.
Healing and reviving team mates. Why? Prevents ticket loss, when a soldier dies his team loses a ticket but gets it back if he is revived before respawn. Each soldier acts as a spawn point for his squad keeping pressure on the enemy.

Other roles.
1) Medium to long range engagement with the LMG. Large mag allows extended fire on enemy positions keeping their heads down during advance or disrupting enemy squads during attack.
2) Q-spot, this should be a reflex, always do it..
3) Staying alive to keep yourself and team alive. Keep moving at all times, use cover.

Minimap and in game symbols
1) Injured team mates will appear as white cross.
2) Soldiers in need of revive will appear as section of an ECG trace. White for team mates, green for squad mates.
3) Soldiers with depleted health will have a flashing cross beside their name.
4) Soldiers requesting healing will have a flashing plaster (band-aid) next to their name.

Medical box
1) Medical boxes must be thrown to the ground to be used, will not work while being carried.
2) Throw boxes down beside injured team mates to heal them.
3) Throw boxes down at choke points or regular transit points.
4) Throw boxes behind armour, heals engineers repairing vehicle and any infantry using it for cover.
5) Throw box on M-COM when arming or disarming.
6) Throw boxes down when crossing open ground.
7) Upgrades i) extended healing range, MEDK H+
ii) faster heal time, MEDK R+

Medkit properties
1) Boxes cannot be destroyed.
2) Boxes cannot be moved much by bullets but can be thrown several metres by explosive blast.
3) Boxes will not hamper movement, or injure soldiers when thrown at them.
4) Boxes will slide down an incline approx 45 degrees or more, try to find a flat surface e.g. a rock or wedge in place behind plants, trees, rocks etc.

Primarily used to revive fallen soldiers. Can also be used in self defence.
1) Make sure area is clear before revive or ensure you won't die while reviving.
2) Where possible communicate with downed soldier. Tell him you are on your way, ask how long left on timer and how he died. (TS/voip allowing)
3) If the revive is going to be hot then tell the downed soldier so they can move asap.
4) When paddles are selected they will beep to indicated they are ready to use. Recharge between uses is approx. 3 seconds but will beep again when ready to use.
5) Can use defibs in either standing or crouched position.
6) Try to keep moving as enemies may target fallen soldiers for easy medic kills. When approaching downed soldier activate defibs just before reaching them, about 3 or 4 paces. Practice revives while running to minimize time standing still.

Additional info
1) For a hot revive, throw a grenade towards enemy position and run towards soldier so you are reviving around the same time as the grenade detonates.
2) Defibs can be used to kill enemy troops at similar ranges to the knife. Useful when enemies appear during revive procedure and there's no time to switch weapons.

Class specific weapons and tips
1) Medics are equipped with LMGs and are best used at medium to long range.
2) LMGs have a large magazine capacity they are ideally suited for laying down suppressive fire on enemy positions during an attack or to disrupt an enemy push.
3) During CQB keep moving to make a harder target while continuously firing at the enemy, unless against another medic they will run out of ammo first. More lead in the air at target = better chance of winning. MG3 is particularly good at this with it's high cyclic rate.
4) MG36 comes with a free RDS so you can choose another item from that column.
5) M60 is particularly powerful with heavy recoil, good for those with good aim.
6) XM8 has excellent accuracy.
7) Try different weapons to get the one that feels right for you.
8) Medics should not engage armour except to trace or kill engineers repairing it.

Some general info.
Use fallen enemy kits. Pick the kit up and throw out medic/ammo box or recon ball.
Keep moving and Q-spot anything that moves or looks suspicious.