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21.05.2014, 19:15
Just interested in what series you are following or what you've finished watching and what you think is worth the time.
I know there is a lot of good stuff out there, so maybe we just share our absolute favorites. Feel free to add. :icon_wink:


I just finished TRUE DETECTIVE. And it was awesome!
It's a dark-noir crime HBO drama. First Season consist of 8 Episodes with a finished story arc.
Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson hunting a serial killer. Story is told in multiple timelines across 17 years.
It's dark, brilliantly witty and in some of it's dialogs almost philosophical. Watch it!


21.05.2014, 19:34
Star Trek remains my all time favorite TV show really :P But I also like:
Alias (but only the first couple of seasons, it took a really strange path from there on and got ... peculiar ... to say the least)
Community (same with alias, only first couple seasons)

I'm quite into cartoons too and can recommend: Star Wars the Clone Wars, Futurama

21.05.2014, 19:43
Postman pat ;)

seriously though , I like
walking dead
person of interest

21.05.2014, 20:05
Game of Thrones
C.S.I (all of them)
The Walking Dead

Also watch cartoons too
South Park

So many others that Ive watched before but for the past 2 years my life has been more hectic, I wonder why....:icon_lol:

And because of these 2 reason for my hectic life Ive been watching a lot of Postman Pat and other same kind of shows. :icon_lol:

21.05.2014, 21:04
Almost Human

Whenever I see them on the tv planner:
CSI (original)
Battlestar Galactica (new version)
Band Of Brothers

Clone Wars
Adventure time
Amazing world of gumball
And Ben10 isn't too bad after having it drilled into my brain for several years :)

21.05.2014, 23:11
A few more I can heartly recommend, that were not yet mentioned.

Science-Fiction: Firefly, Babylon 5, Continuum

Crime: True Detective, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Luther

Comedy: The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who

Anime/Cartoons: Cowboy Bebop, The Pinguins of Madagascar

History: Rome

Fantasy: Pushing Daisies

Also i of course love Star Trek, Spongebob, Futurama ...
... and watching (as retro does) elementary and almost human. Although I believe the latter are entertaining, but not exceptional.
And I just met Jack Bauer for the first time. Watched the first 13 Episodes of season 1. Frenzy. But not sure, if it will mesmerize me over the long run. Got me exhausted somehow - can't explain.

Retro, btw, is Fargo good? I did not give it a go yet.

21.05.2014, 23:50
I don't really watch that much TV as there rarely seems to be time for it but Battlestar Galactica (First two seasons especially), Game of Thrones (only seen 1,5 seasons due to time constraints) and the Simpsons I've liked. In addition to those I would recommend the first season of Heroes. The second season wasn't as good and I haven't seen any of the rest.

22.05.2014, 00:42
Shows I've been into the last few years:

True Detective (the best television series I've ever witnessed x10)
Boardwalk Empire
The Pacific
Breaking Bad
Falling Skies
The Pacific
Battlestar Galactica
Dual Survival (although that will probably end with a recent cast change)

I use file sharing to grab all the above, and otherwise, don't have tele.

22.05.2014, 17:02
Retro, btw, is Fargo good? I did not give it a go yet.

Yeah, really dark humour, not fast paced but keeps you interested as to what will happen next. I really like it.

There's also a crime drama set in the Shetland Isles called....wait for it....Shetland. I find it a bit disturbing, psychologically.

01.07.2014, 21:00
Small update on my TV schedule :)

24 lost me after season 2 ... too sterotypical and a bit over the top and not in a good way (takes itself too serious imo).

Watched the BBC drama The Musketeers in the meanwhile: entertaining, but not outstanding. I allways was into swashbuckler (hope it's the right word) films. Just love the genre as a whole, so I am looking forward for season 2.

Game of thrones of course. Just stunning. Can't wait for 2015.

Last week I started with Arrested Development - ... oh the laughter. :icon_lol:
Will definitly get one of my top 5 comedy shows, if it keeps that level hilariousity (does this word even exist?).

09.08.2015, 23:26
Right now I'm following:

True Detective Season II (nothing near the greatness of season I , but decent enough)
Falling Skies
Ray Donovan
Hell On Wheels
Black Sails

10.08.2015, 00:32
Finished Daredevil on Netflix - can't recommend it highly enough.

Also on Netflix, Knights of Sidonia, starting season 2 now. Each episode is really short, so I can watch one easily over a mug of coffee.

10.08.2015, 01:05
I agree, Daredevil was really good, Retro.
... and Blacksails I recommend as well.

But the best thing I watched lately was Sillicon Valley.
If you can relate to the IT-Business in anyway - it's awesomly awkward and funny.
Second Season is out allready.

10.08.2015, 19:56
Finished Daredevil on Netflix - can't recommend it highly enough.

Also on Netflix, Knights of Sidonia, starting season 2 now. Each episode is really short, so I can watch one easily over a mug of coffee.

I am at the end of season 2 of knights of Sidonia, daredevil was a good watch also.
Hannibal is a good watch if you see it on tv, best to watch from the start, quite Gorey but in an artistic kind of way.

13.08.2015, 16:58
Don't have any sort of TV connection, but I am a fan of. . .

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Big Bang Theory
Stargate SG-1

I also like very old American shows like. . .

The Andy Griffith Show
Hogan's Heroes
Gomer Pyle
Get Smart

08.11.2015, 05:42
I have no idea how I missed this - Total Recall 2070 (https://www.youtube.com/user/TotalRecall2070/videos).
It's a dark noir / cyberpunk SciFi-series from 1999.
I just started watching it and I love it's vibe. If you enjoy the stories by Phillip K. ---- (Blade runner) or William Gibson (Neuromancer), you may love this one.
Just finished the first episode and I am totally hooked. It's free to watch on youtube. Enjoy! :)


Btw it got cancelled after season 1. Feels allready like another firefly tragedy to me.

EDIT: It's Phillip K. "D i c k" ... gotta love the autocorrect. :icon_lol:

12.12.2015, 16:05
I've just recently gotten in Fargo, season 1 was amazing, season 2 started off slowly for me, but is now also great.

Someone recommended Fringe a while back, and I just finished the 5th, and final season. What an amazing ride. JJ Abrams and friends for the win-


12.12.2015, 17:34
Watched Fringe a while back and it was really good.

Finished Narcos on Netflix. Really liked.

12.12.2015, 18:09
Watching now

Peep Show season 9
The frankenstein Chronicles
American Horror Story Hotel
Fargo season 2

25.12.2015, 00:53
Jessica Jones on Netflix. If you enjoyed Daredevil, this series takes Hells Kitchen to another level of awesome!

25.12.2015, 00:59
Been watching Jessie its really good!

25.12.2015, 02:22
Jessica was good, but a bit too long in my opinion. They should've boiled the storyline down a few episodes. Espescially after she had the perfect opportunity to finish Killgrave in Ep. 3 or so ... :icon_stare: (Why you not kill him, Jessica, why?)
If I can trust my memory, I feel Daredevil was better. But still, enjoyable and definitly worth a watch. ;)

Btw: "iRobot" is propably the best thing I came across this year (together with "Silicon Valley") - highly recommended.

25.12.2015, 07:41
Have seen Jessica come by a few times on facebook, but haven't looked into it yet. Also need to take a look at DareDevil.

And do you mean iRobot the movie with Will Smith or has this one also a serie. The movie is a great one with a lot of philosophies.

25.12.2015, 15:55
Have seen Jessica come by a few times on facebook, but haven't looked into it yet. Also need to take a look at DareDevil.

And do you mean iRobot the movie with Will Smith or has this one also a serie. The movie is a great one with a lot of philosophies.

Lol. I meant MrRobot. A friend of mine allways confuses iZombie and MrRobot. Thanks for infecting me ...
But you are right, medic, the movie is great as well.

25.12.2015, 16:13
I was just looking at MrRobot, will try to watch it some day :)

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19.01.2016, 21:59

29.01.2016, 06:55
"The Expanse" (http://www.syfy.com/theexpanse) ... damn good scifi. Love it. For fans of that genre highly recommended.

Also "Limitless" (http://www.cbs.com/shows/limitless/) is fun, if you are looking for something easy and lighthearted.

And I just watched the premier of "Lucifer" (http://www.fox.com/lucifer) (based on a DC Comics character), which is promising as well.

23.04.2016, 00:44
I'd like to see dragons in the North-


23.04.2016, 00:47
haha, and-


23.04.2016, 21:26
Been too stressed even to play anything its just easier to sit in my chair and watch something.
From Netflix I watched Marvel stuff: Jessica Jones, Daredevil and some cartoon from Avengers ect.
Bought the HBO couple of weeks ago. Already watched Shannara and started to watch Vikings.
What Im looking for the most is of course Game of Thrones!

10.05.2016, 01:28
Peaky Blinders for the win. Takes a while to get rolling....

17.07.2016, 00:04
About to get lost in this I fear, the 720p version at least-


01.08.2016, 07:48
Just saw the season final of "Preacher". It's one of the weirdest and more radical things I saw on TV lately. :icon_eek:
All in all the first season was good fun and quite enjoyable. If you like your typical Tarantino movie or stuff like "The Boondock Saints" - give it a go.

01.08.2016, 11:41
Think no one mentioned it yet, but I really enjoyed "the man in the high tower". Nice look on an alternative dimension were the Germans and Japanese took over Amerika. Not going to spoil it any further.

01.08.2016, 11:42
I also recommend that one, very good indeed!

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01.08.2016, 18:06
I've just started getting into Penny Dreadful-


01.08.2016, 20:45
Watching the third season of Penny at the moment.

09.09.2016, 02:41
Season 2 of Narcos has dropped on Netflix. If you haven't seen season 1, at least give it a look. Demoralizing, but honest.


I find the d00d that plays Murphy too young, and annoying, but maybe that's by design.

11.09.2016, 14:20
I've been meaning to watch Narcos! Looks very good.

I just finished watching Stranger Things, which I really really enjoyed. Have also been watching a lot of Trailer Park Boys, which is just too funny :D

25.09.2016, 00:21
S01E01 was pretty good. If you easily get swayed by tales of the Devil, then stay far away from this.


28.09.2016, 02:42
I have recently got into the Murdoch Mysteries series. Always keeps me guessing to the end, and the inspector is a riot!

23.10.2016, 16:48
Still quite enjoying The Exorcist series and now even moreso- Goliath. Quite good so far-


23.10.2016, 18:29
For me its
Penny Dreadful on SKY season 1
Walking Dead on SKY season 7 (starting 24th Oct)
West World on SKY season 1
The Young Pope on SKY season 1 (starting 27th Oct)
Great Continental Railway Journeys on BBC season 4

23.10.2016, 21:50
I've spent most of the last 2 weeks binge-watching The Walking Dead from start to finish so that I'm ready for tomorrow. Excited doesn't quite cut it!

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24.10.2016, 19:23
Gonna play some 2142 before the new episode

25.10.2016, 18:46
Gonna play some 2142 before the new episode

Prepare yourself. :icon_eh:

25.10.2016, 18:51
Walking Dead season 7 episode 1 ---- it's brutal and upsetting
I'm gonna have to give up TV and do something else ... like play games ;)

25.10.2016, 23:49
Yes...get back ingame private !

23.02.2017, 05:17
Loving The Expanse so far, although the available trailers are teh_fail


24.02.2017, 02:23
Season 2 came upon us quickly


07.05.2017, 03:21
Unfortunately True Detective Season 1 is based upon actual events. Although this isn't graphic, if you're easily offended/sensitive- don't watch this-


05.12.2019, 21:18
No one has posted here in a while. So I decided to tell what Ive been watching lately.
Vikings just started its 6th season and watched 2 episodes tonight. Its awesome series.
Also started watching His Dark Materials. Its very cool and they even spoke Finnish in the last episode.
Then there are all these superhero series by Marvel and DC. Like Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham, Flash....
Got some of those on my to watch list and really looking forward to start Watchmen.

15.12.2019, 19:07
The expanse season 4 is on Amazon prime now.


20.12.2019, 17:48
The Witcher starts today on Netflix.


20.12.2019, 18:40
Was about to post the same. Gonna watch first episode tonight.

20.12.2019, 23:17
Well ended up watching a few episodes so no gaming tonight.

21.12.2019, 04:58
Hopefully everyone has been able to attend the content thus far of The Mandalorian, been a nice surprise for me-


21.12.2019, 09:13
Seen 4 episodes. It is a really nice watch. Rick and Morty season 4 comig tomorrow on Netflix. :icon_lol:

09.02.2020, 18:16
Quite amusing.


14.04.2020, 09:20
Netflix's Castlevania <3